A Public Sex Life (Or Lack Thereof)

A quick note on public records, as I gaze out the window at my panting, amorous broodmares and my oblivious, grazing gelding.

One of my previous projects was a recently gelded, six year old teasing stallion. Talk about a project! Unfortunately for him, soon after I picked him up, I went to work at a breeding farm, and took him with me.

Can you imagine the hijinks that ensued? People were afraid to feed him. People were afraid to walk past his stall. It was a disaster. After a few months, I was able to move him to a leased pasture, far from the madding crowds of the breeding sheds, but the damage was done, and the barn owner actually convinced prospective buyers on several occasions that the horse was a psychopathic bi-polar killing machine. (He was a sweet boy, really!)

I definitely didn’t want to go through that again, and since my job is running a breeding farm, well – An important selling point for Final Call was that his sales photo showed him as fairly light in the shoulders, neck, and jowls – he looked like a gelding. A quick check of his Equibase records let me know that by January of his three year old year, he was already a gelding. Good. I didn’t want to bring home a big bouncing bundle of testosterone to turn into a roaring monster with all my hormonal mares. I set up an appointment to go and see him with a clear conscience that I wouldn’t be replaying the teasing stallion scenario with this particular project.

So he’s ignoring the mares, and they’re panting for him. The nice thing is, it should be significantly easier to get the mares bred this spring. . .

The point is, if you’re bringing home a newbie to join your herd, there are clues to let you know if he’ll fit into your herd, or just leave you building extra paddocks and replacing fence boards with your horse show money. The public records on OTTBs make it that much easier.



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4 responses to “A Public Sex Life (Or Lack Thereof)

  1. Hey Natalie-
    Can you help me with this one-where does it say he was a gelding as a three year old? I’ve been on Equibase as well, but I can’t find out when Miles (racing name Masarin) was gelded! I THINK he was still a stallion when racing but I’m not sure…where do you find the info? Thanks!

  2. Barb

    Just read this- Vince was gelded at the age of 4 or 5, I think, which explains why the girls continue to be his focus through this long spring. There’s a tiny, looong-maned, one blue-eyed teaser pony at the farm named Macho Man, at the farm who thinks he’s hot stuff, and races up to the fence to kick up his quarter-sized back heels whenever Vince passes. About half of the time, Vince goes to stop and say, “OK, son, let’s DO it!”, as I remind him he’d pummel the little guy. My joy is calling MM “Little Man” as I go by, since it infuriates him!Ah well, Short Man’s Syndrome is alive and well in all species!!

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