OTTB Success Story: Mashaba

Today’s post and picture were kindly shared by Marietta Whittlesey of New York. She has a true OTTB success story in her friend Mashaba! Okay, Marietta, take over. . .

Mashaba was born on April 18, 1988. He was bred by the late John Hettinger who also bred and owned Ferdinand and Exceller. John was a tireless anti-slaughter advocate until his death.
Mashaba’s sire was Sir Wimborne (Sir Ivor ) and his dam My Sika. He was named War Thumb and has some wonderful bloodlines that include Chateaugay, War Admiral and Count Fleet on his dam’s side and Mahmoud and Princequillo on his sire’s. 

Mashaba at King Oak Dressage, MA - 2006

He didn’t really like to run, apparently. Out of 25 starts he won 3 races, was 2nd in 2 and 3rd in 2. He then went to a nearby farm in Millbrook, NY where several jumper and event riders really liked him. He was bought by a lawyer who showed him as a jumper for about 10 years. He was then given to me. I am a former lower-level event rider who now does dressage and shows to 4th level.

From the get-go, Mashaba was a delightful character with a grand sense of humor. In addition to being a great jumper, he is a phenomenal mover with a walk that usually gets 8s and 9s. Now 22 years old, no one believes he is older than 15, and he himself clearly believes he’s younger than that. I have been in school for the past few years and haven’t been showing much. I hope to get him going again at First level this summer and maybe get to bump him up to Second.



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3 responses to “OTTB Success Story: Mashaba

  1. Wow, back end like a battleship.
    Gorgeous. Great success story!

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      I agree, he’s one of those very old-fashioned dressage-y TBs – they have those big Roman noses, long lanky legs, big joints, over at the knees – who is giving that? Sir Gaylord, maybe? I used to ride a very nice TB named Bryani at the riding school, he was this horse’s spitting image. WHAT a mover. WHAT a trot. He wouldn’t win a hunter-in-hand class but WHAT a jump. These are usin’ horses. These horses are made for workin’. 🙂 BIG thanks to the owner for sharing with us.

  2. Kate

    I had a horse bred by John Hettinger, also out of My Sika. Totally built for dressage, long and low. And he had the same beautiful jump. But not the Roman nose….. great horse

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