Ouch ouch ouch

Poor boy!

Final Call came into the barn lame yesterday morning, sore on his right suspensory. Remember that long toe on the right fore… Ah yes, and this is why long toes have got to be watched. A long toe and short heel put too much pressure on the back of the lower leg, giving you a tragic three-legged snuffling little boy – er, horse – who just can’t walk on his owie leg!

Oh Thoroughbreds. They’re fine as long as they’re moving. Once they’ve stopped, they realize that they hurt themselves.

Cold hose, poultice, and 24 hours later, rather better but still some heat. So more of the same. No, it’s fine, I love being covered with clay, really.

A few minutes into hosing he decided that chewing on my hat/ponytail/shoulder was an excellent boredom buster. He’s so, um, affectionate.



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4 responses to “Ouch ouch ouch

  1. Oh, poor guy! I hope he feels better sooner rather than later! I hate it when they are ouchy.

  2. Awwwww, pooor boooby.

    On the outside of his right front, what are those marks? They don’t quite look like pin-firing? It’s probably just these old eyes, and this lovely teeeny monitor:)

    To a dry and sunny February!

  3. Is he feeling better yet, or is he too busy swimming in the pasture for you to find out?

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