Look, I’m Beautiful!


Oh, Shannon from Quarters for Me, you are a doll. First, you have Quarter Horses, so you don’t threaten my status as the preeminent Thoroughbred blogger on the planet. Second, you tag me with a blog award the day the very day that I chose not to ride for no other reason than it was cold and windy. (Also laziness may have played a role in this decision.)

Well, all I can say is “Thank you!” to my adoring fans. I suppose Final Call may want to say a few words, too, but as he is outside eating hay, presumably, you will have to leave his comments to your imagination. I think he is still grumbling that I ran out of cookies.

And now you want to know seven secrets, do you? That’s a divine number. Very well.

1. I have seen a ghost horse. Her name was Diabolla, she was an Argentine Thoroughbred broodmare, and she would appear from time to time in a paddock at a farm I once boarded at.

2. My first horse was a Quarter Horse. Shhhhh don’t tell my Thoroughbreds, they don’t know.

3. I am terrified to ride without a hard hat and won’t even hack a horse from barn to paddock without one. Too many cracks, too many hats, over the years!

4. I’m writing a novel and sometimes I don’t want to ride because I want to keep working on it. But I ride. For All of You.

5. I once drank a beer on a trail ride. But it was a Coors Light so that’s like having distilled water.

6. I hate trail rides and only do them because they’re necessary to train horses.

7. I want to ride on a cattle drive. In a western saddle. With a hat.

Now you know. And don’t we all feel better?

Now, fifteen links. Don’t we think fifteen is slightly excessive, kids? I don’t read fifteen on a daily basis – I don’t read three on a daily basis, too darn busy – but here are fifteen that I like to check in with. I am told I know interesting sites, so I’ll try to throw some curveballs in there that you may not be familiar with, as well as my stand-bys.

GoLightly Facts+Fiction because she is the queen of hysterical sentence structure and awesome old photos.

Tango Dressage Blog because her horses look so darned cheerful. Plus a picture of a mini foal looking at an egret that is too cute. Also excellent advice and commentary, that too. Even if she doesn’t read. (Hahaha!)

EQUINE Ink has a beautiful design and a nice aggregation style that collects the information and images floating around the internet.

Bunny Ain’t No Kind of Rider is a new discovery of mine with a lot going for it: awesome title, a healthy appreciation for C.W. Anderson, and a working knowledge of grammar. Huzzah!

Green Slobber on My Shirt and that’s a double-tag for you, Miss Jen. Go visit the muddy beasts and be entertained.

Theories of Perception is a friend’s marketing and social media blog, and I love it. And you should go there and be educated and watch funny ads.

Loving the Race Horse is a lovely, thoughtful blog from a racing professional. If you’re tired of handle stats and sales averages, this is the place to be.

Bloodstock in the Bluegrass is the blog of Frank Mitchell, breeding columnist for the Daily Racing Form. The blog alternates between breeding news, commentary, case studies, and just plain fascinating historical facts.

Dover’s World is more or less Robert Dover’s diary, and he leads an interesting life…

The Pedigree Curmudgeon is an outspoken racing-focused blog by John Sparkman, Bloodstock Editor for the Thoroughbred Times. It would be my goal to be in such a position as his someday, so that I can say the things I think but don’t actually say…

Brooklyn Backstretch focuses largely on New York racing and I’m totally jealous of her blog’s name. I may name a book that if she’ll let me.

Lucky to Cope is a Very Cute/Bad OTTB testing his boundaries somewhere in a cold climate. I keep forgetting where (sorry!).

Spotty Horse News is a barn blog with a bonus – pictures. Take this post for example. I love the photojournalism – here is where the shoe came off, here is what the hoof looks like, etc. Allows you to draw parallels to your own life and maybe learn something.

The Brock Talk is a great racing news and opinion blog. He has a Facebook group that updates whenever there’s a new post, which is essential for my disorganized life.

Moby Lives has been a favorite of mine since 1998 or so! It is devoted to publishing and writers.

Okay, I’m exhausted. It would have been easier to just go out and ride.

In the interest of keeping this blog beautiful, here is a favorite picture of my darling Himself. Ooooh Final Call, you’re a star!



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16 responses to “Look, I’m Beautiful!

  1. You are very welcome!

    I worked in a haunted museum once. The legend was that the original owner of the house was shot/stabbed in the chest during a duel. They brought him home and took his shirt off to get to the wound and he died that way. Some people say they see his ghost running around without a shirt on. His affectionate nickname is Trousers.

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      I worked in a haunted mansion once. At Disney. 🙂

      Shannon, your plaid horses are adorable. I love reading about them. I don’t always leave comments because the comment form glitches (The blogspot ghost) but I’m there in spirit 🙂

  2. Whattya mean, hysterical sentences?
    My mentalpausal self would take umbrage if I wasn’t already grumpy anyway.

    Build that, I dare ya!

    scritches and schniggles and stuff to that Bay Boy.
    You too, for humouring this old crone. Keep riding, I’ll keep reading!
    But finish the book too, would ya. I need more quality reading material.

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      Listen woman, I think you’re a gosh-darned genius with the language. I already compared you to Dorothy Parker’s garter story… you got mad about that too. No pleasing you though is there…

      I’m working on that poor book, I’m working, I’m working…

  3. Hey, this is me, pleased.
    This is me, not pleased.
    Not much difference, really:)

    You're awesome, again.
    Tough to find the muse, and then have the time to let the muse type, and then remember what the muse was sayin'.
    I never know when it will "hit".
    Whatever "it" is.

    To "it"!

    You got it, girl.

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      That’s why I always have a BlackBerry on my hip, dear girl 🙂

      • Okay, okay, maybe, someday, I’ll become one with the Borg I mean all-in-one-little-box-crowd. I’ll wait ’til the technology gets cheaper. Before I’m 60, I guess:)

  4. Hey- I just came to comment that I nominated you for the award and you did me!! Thanks! I’m quite excited! Maybe we cancel each other out and don’t have to come up with 7 more unknown things!
    PS. I’ll use that I don’t read :p haha!

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      Yeah I was wondering why you were all exciting about some other blogger… lol

      You don’t read OR watch television. wait a minute – do you play WoW??

      Just kidding.

      Or not. 🙂 And those are the only seven things you’ll get.

      • Natalie Keller Reinert

        World of Warcraft.. it’s the role playing computer game.. I would describe the Mr. T commercial for it, but you don’t have a television so you haven’t seen it. I knew the TV served a purpose besides showing racing.

      • man, you must be manic! or im a really bad time-manager! by the time i get done teaching and riding i agonize over a blog and fall asleep! you find time to run barn, work job, be married, watch tv, read (a) book, play computer games and write a blog! i’m going to have to step up the pace! what other hobbies are you doing in your spare time? Oh yeah, writing a novel!!!! do you sleep at all? i knew working at the racetrack would have a strange effect on a person!!! 🙂

      • Natalie Keller Reinert

        Whoa easy there, I don’t play computer games! I was accusing YOU of that! LOL The rest I’m guilty of. I also have an hour commute to my part-time job, did I mention that? And please note the times, evidently neither of us sleep. 😉

  5. not award related…but it was deserved and amusing!!I live in Canada, so this is regarding the drug ban. Yes it is confusing. Those of us who have yards have the records, and conversely do not send our horses to slaughter. What about the sales where we KNOW there are meat buyers? Will this cause the base price of horses to plummet further? Up here we use, for whatever comments it may cause, meat price as a base starter price when evaluating a purchase. And unless it is grey or an Arabian, we have to pay at least that much, whether that animal is a stark raving lunatic or a retired campaigner. Will we now have the same dump and walk away mentality that I have heard is happening to the South of us? We don’t know. What will happen to all those TB’s who didn’t make the cut and break their maiden up here, where do they go? Didn’t know nitro was on the banned list though…so any horse that gets dinged on the way to a sale will no longer get treated for fear of reprisal? Love your med box…thought I was looking through mine. Really am enjoying following you and Final Call. An aside. You feed beet pulp. So do I. Where do you find any lovely factual info regarding the stuff??? I soak my pellets in warm water for 10 – 12 hours, one quart pellets to 6 quarts water. I feed mostly to keep their water intake reliable, no graze here for 6 months of the year. What do you use and how much? You seem to have few health mishaps is why I am asking. I have not had a colic for over 10 years, and feel the pulp is instumental to that.Thanks for reading, I know it was a tad long winded…sorry ! 😉

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      Debi, thanks so much! You must be referring to the post at http://equineprogressive.wordpress.com. Absolutely, the people that are sending horses to slaughter are not the ones that one would assume would keep careful health records! These regulations seem to try to draw equine consumption under the same umbrella as other food production animals. But you cannot raise horses for meat the way you can cattle or other animals. They are simply too expensive to keep.

      I’m not sure of the argument that says if there was no meat market, there would be no base price for horses. I don’t know that this is the case, because many of the less-educated people that seem to make up the backyard horse market, where horses might routinely change hands for less than five hundred dollars, (or be swaps) don’t seem to realize that there is a slaughter industry or meat value to their horse at all. It isn’t overly obvious to people that have not been involved in the horse industry, so if someone is a new horse owner picking up that horse to go with their new half-acre of property (I have a barbed wire fence around my yard; ergo, I should get a horse to put in it) they probably have no notion of this “base price.” I’m no economist, but I think horse values are based first on sentiment, not on market values.

      As for the TBs that can’t break their maiden, we have to continue to push for TB recognition and awards, to help people train their horses and keep them going successfully, and remind people that TBs do it best. Sometimes this comes from indirect methods, like promoting the long format CCI, which TBs will always excel in. TBs that are successful in show jumping and every other sport need to be recognized and promoted as well. You’ll never kill the crazy thoroughbred stereotype (which we have fun with, but it’s still a negative) but it can be made more comedic than realistic.

      As for feeding.. you’re right, I don’t have many health problems. I believe firmly in 24-hour turnout, virtually all-weather, and free-choice hay or pasture. I use mixed or straight alfalfa pasture blocks all winter, and have strong grass in summer. Also, I don’t let my horses get on a schedule. Sometimes they eat late, sometimes they eat early. I don’t allow anyone to develop any diva-like tendencies. I also don’t use pyrethrin fly spray! I feed Strategy and only two horses get supplements – Final Call gets Smart Tendon and Ontherightwicket gets Smart Hoof. I no longer feed beet pulp due to economics, but I had a lot of success with it when I did. Here is the classic internet resource on beet pulp The Myths and Realities of Beet Pulp and don’t miss the Famous Squirrel Story.

      Let me know if I missed anything. Thanks so much for your input!

  6. Thank you so much for the beet pulp info. In regard to the no market base meat price (I just HATE that term, but here it is TOO common) we have never had the non-option, and there are VERY few people who are un-aware of it’s existance. We are sitting and waiting to see. The next few years will be quite the ride I am sure. I too love TB’s stereotype and all, call them track brats around my yard. Once re-educated they are so bomb(in the literal sense) proof they are a treat. Do you find they have a city child in the country attitude at first? From the near incessant bustle at the track, quiet is hardly peaceful to these children. I had the chance to work at a track as a teenager, agree, what a great experiance! Thanks again.

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