Fun With Cavelletti

Some of you on Facebook may have seen these photos already, but for those who haven’t. . . this is what happens when you get tired of twenty-meter circles and serpentines. (Do I whine enough about training level dressage stunts? I am thoroughly over it. OVER IT! Let’s have some fun and not worry so much about where our horses’ noses are, okay?)

First the walk

First we walk. . . I very carefully examine the ground for, you know, hidden mines or rabbit holes or. . . who knows why I’m looking at the ground. Not important! Because next. . .

Final Call trots cavelletti

Next we trot

. . . We trot! Whoops you have to lift that butt up off the ground, don’t you, kid! Let’s all admire how my eyes are up this time.

Final Call trotting cavelletti

Big trot!

Now it is old hat and we are bored. Plus, my wrists are totally broken here. Don’t look.

Final Call canters cavelletti

So we canter!

The canter is nice. Cantering is always nice. But you know what is more fun?

Final Call gallops cavelletti



If you were looking for insightful Thoroughbred commentary, I invite you to re-read the rest of the blog. Because sometimes, you just want to have some fun. And so does your Thoroughbred!



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10 responses to “Fun With Cavelletti

  1. Barb Fulbright

    Isnt that the truth!

  2. Lovely last photo…all four off the floor!

  3. Oops, now I can’t stop staring at your wrists.

  4. I think the new layout is fab, Natalie! And if you aren’t having fun, what exactly is the point? I am counting down the weeks until there can be more fun. We are theoretically below 5 weeks now and healing well. (My arm, that is. Bar’s knee is looking better each day.)

    He’ll also bounce back faster, too. No skinny, atrophied limb for him. Bah.

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      Oooh thanks Jessica. I am somewhat displeased with the title. Too many serifs. Spikiness. I am a European at heart. Where is my HELVETICA? Anyway, you couldn’t be more right. It ought to be fun. I think watching World Cup dressage is fun. I think riding dressage is rather less so. 😉

  5. There’s an award for you at my blog! Please drop by to get it. 🙂

  6. Fiona

    That is a pretty damn nice lower leg. Good base of support, isn’t that what They say. I personally focus on the ears. He looks like he was really taking it in. By the way on the boring dressage front: you can make it really interesting by working on transitions and on changing you length and speed of stride (I can’t say rhythm and tempo b/c always get them mixed up. For real excitement that is so compatible for a TB’s outlook on life you can work especially long and hard, say until your tongue is blue (emphasize “your” meaning the human one) on walk-halt-walk transitions.

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      LOL Fiona – nice blue tongue reference, I was missing my Rollkur controversy fix – you’re not kidding. I once had the old OTTB absolutely dropping with exhaustion through walking – walk/halt/walk, various lateral movements – the whole goal was to take it easy because it was hot, and we ended up working ourselves to death. He was a talented bugger, made hard work way too much fun.

      Base of support/Go on take your best shot at dumping me/whatever you want to call it 🙂

      Oh those ears! When I can keep those ears on ME and not the baby alligator or the dog I am a happy little rider. Tonight, I managed it. Happy days.

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