Bonnie’s Big Day

I totally stole that title from James Herriot. But I’ve always had a secret grudge against Herriot for making up Darrowby and portraying it as a real place. So fair play.

Bon Appeal, of course, is the Free Horse talked about before. Will a person place less value on a horse that is free? Visit Bonnie at her white-fenced paddock, with her gleaming companions grazing beside her, and find your answer.

On Sunday, also known as the busiest day of a horseman’s week (what is THAT about?) I hitched up the trailer, and my husband and I convinced the begrudging broodmare to climb into the horse trailer. She backed and hopped around, to let me know how cruel I was to load her into a box-stall trailer with a haynet of alfalfa and eighteen inch-deep bedding, and I put a chain on her gum, to let her know that backing up would show just how cruel Mumsies can be.

The lip chain was a quick reminder, as they always are (they’re often more psychological than physical reminders in Thoroughbreds, who typically receive their first lip chain when they are yearlings and understand very quickly: backing up bad.) With Cory at her tail, bravely playing gate crew, we riled her up enough to get her to jump in. She pawed and complained; I went in the house and got a cup of coffee. Bad Mumsy.

Bonnie under saddleNow here’s a change of pace, Bonnie’s new house isn’t three counties away through several swamps and state forests. It’s on the OTHER SIDE OF TOWN. Not surprisingly, on the other hand, I have to drive to the other side of town to find the other English rider in Lakeland. This was a poor choice of region for us from the start. Notice the land is cheaper when no one rides English? Are we just that snobbish?

Bonnie hopped off the trailer quite happily with New Mumsy, got a shower (oh, spoiled already) and a stall with the remains of her alfalfa to nosh on. Kat and I shot the breeze for a bit, she introduced me to Bonnie’s future girlfriends, an insanely beautiful mare heavily in foal to a Thoroughbred stallion, and a lovely old retiree. And then… that was it. It was going to storm. I still had work to do – hey, it’s Sunday, the Day of Eternal Barn Work. And so I took my empty trailer and left.

I had Bonnie five years. In that space of time, my life rocketed up and down, some of the most insane highs and lows that I’ve ever experienced. None of it really did much for Bonnie. I rode her when I could, I gave her a solid foundation – I think – and I kept her fat and happy. Okay, far too fat. But happy! I did the best I could for her. And so it’s a pleasure to think of her going to someone who will love her and keep happy, but also give her a job as well.

Before I was home, Kat had succumbed to the tempation of Beautiful Chestnut Mare and gone riding already. Before I’d fed my horses dinner, Bonnie was out with her new best girlfriends in the world (nice, since Wicket left her for the Old Country.)

I think if there is a Broodmare Makeover going on, we’ll be hearing more about it! I’ll keep you posted. I already miss looking out the window and seeing her there. But it’s not easy to get over having the Most Beautiful Horse in the World, either.



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10 responses to “Bonnie’s Big Day

  1. Kat

    Aww so very sweet to read this. She has a permanent home and is loved! You will get steady updates!

  2. Hooray Bonnie! I can say this because I know Kat personally and can give my stamp of approval 😉 I am pretty sure the world is really just too small.

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      World (small) – everyone who doesn’t have horses – everyone who doesn’t event – everyone who doesn’t blog about their eventers = ten people, including yourself and myself. 🙂 Very small world indeed. (Claustrophobic?)

      I only wish I’d run into Kat BEFORE I decided to move back north!!

  3. This must have been hard for you, but GOOD for Bonnie! I’d love to read updates about the Most Beautiful Horse in the World (because you know I agree with you on that title.).

    Funny, as I was reading this post “All These Things That I’ve Done” came up on Pandora.

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      It was hard, but it was so clearly the right decision. Bonnie and I have never clicked under saddle. And look at that picture – these two obviously understand one another!

      Bonnie’s new mom has a photographic record of how good she is at rehabbing horses and keeping horses fat and shiny. So there was no doubt in my mind that she’d be safe and content with her. In fact, now she gets to lose, what, a couple hundred pounds? 🙂

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      (I inspire Pandora. Not the other way around.)

  4. That IS the most beautiful mare in the world.
    I turned her down? She and old Chief would make beautiful babies out behind the ..
    Gah, I cannot joke about it, still.
    It’s still happening:(

    That is one helluva mare, there.

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      Bonnie needs to be romanced. You want to take her behind the garage? She’s already had a very confusing sex life, poor girl.

      (Sorry it’s still happening.)

      You turned her down, multiple times, BTW. 😛

      • Kat

        She and I did click well. I have always preferred mares – not a concious bias, but all of my favorite horses have been female. I had a great ride on her bareback today, which was so refreshing! Neither Allie nor Nacho are very sane without tack.

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