Thanks for the InterWeb Love

I love shout-outs, and it’s time to do a little thank-you post for a couple mentions that have come up for Retired Racehorse over the past few months. I don’t have a lot of spare time to read blogs – like a lot of us, I have work, the horses, the family, etc., and just getting my own writing in is a fair challenge. (Here’s a hint – if you post to Networked Blogs on Facebook, there is a better than average chance that I’ll read your blog. It’s right there – so little effort required…)

Filly and Final Call

Show some love, baby!

I only know who is reading – and what you’re looking for – via the comments – but of course the page views far surpass the comments. BUT WordPress is sneaky and shows me incoming links. When I saw one from The Equinest I was rather intrigued. It turns out that I owe some love to Jackie Baker, writer of Regarding Horses, who responded to her selection as Blogger of the Week with a little suggestion of her own – Retired Racehorse. Nifty! Regarding Horses is a great news site, and it has a blog attached, devoted to Jackie’s – you guessed – OTTB, Ace. You can visit Ace’s blog at his blog here.

Another site that continually seems to throw clicks this way is Equestrian Ink. In March I was invited to guest blog and they kindly posted “Dominating Thoroughbreds”. This is an eclectic site covering horsemanship and riding from many angles, written primarily by half-a-dozen equestrian authors.

And of course, the repeat offender, Jessica of Spotty Horse News, who writes with a simplicity I adore. Truly, how wonderful is this paragraph: “In New York, I accosted carriage horses. In Portland, I once chased down a mounted police officer–possibly mildly alarming him. In Austin, I snuffled noses with several big draft horses pulling carriages. In Las Vegas, I went to the Tournament of Kings show at The Excalibur just to see ponies.”

Also – all the blogs on the blogroll below are there for a reason. They’re Natalie-approved. So take a look! If you know any great blogs I haven’t discovered yet, do please share in the comments. (Just for the record, I really can’t read white-on-black formats. I don’t know how people do it.)

Incidentally, I am looking for a name for the forthcoming blog on racetrack life. Your thoughts are much appreciated – along with what you want me to cover!



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7 responses to “Thanks for the InterWeb Love

  1. Hey…what do I have to do to make your prestigious blogroll? 😛 😀

  2. You are too kind, Natalie. 🙂

    I tried writing once the way others wanted me to, and, you know, it just didn’t go well.

    Your style is refreshing and easy to read AND you give really good training advice! How can I resist such a combo?!

    Racetrack life, hm? Horses, jockeys, exercise riders, trainers, gamblers? It’s like Stone Soup, everyone brings a little bit that makes it that much richer an experience.

    Anyhoo, thank you for your shout-outs for SHN, too. Us CTBO’s need to stick together.

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      I think your blog goes where it wants to go, it’s more of a day in the life blog. I didn’t want to do a diary blog, because I want to eventually write a book about OTTB training and thought this would be a great start.

      SO I’ve worked really hard at being focused, focused, focused. This blog has been like an MFA for me. Okay, maybe not that far. Maybe just a crash course in web-logging. But I did read a book about blogging before I got started. Which is more than can be said for the Union Square Stables blog (watch out, the book version will be along soon). I tend to ramble. I wanted to produce a 300-400 word daily post on training OTTBs. I have done that maybe fifty percent of the time. But I have focused pretty hard-core. Which can sometimes make it more hard work than just fun, and sometimes leave me with more trouble than if I’d just written out a diary. I have a “secret” blog for my diary pieces now. If you can find it, you can read it. BUT you must keep it a secret.

  3. I’m thanking Jackie too. I’ve subscribed to your blog & looking forward to reading more.

    Off to check out your blogroll next. 🙂

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      Thank you! Link duly added to The Equinest, which does all the hard work for you, rummaging through Social Media and the Web to bring you horsey goodness! I should really charge for the awesome mottos I write.

  4. Natalie Keller Reinert

    Hey, a new blog for the blogroll!

    Endurance riding – exhausting just to read about – observations on horsey life – always entertaining. Do check it out.

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