Want your very own OTTB? (via ReRider Who’s Lucky To Cope)

I’m experimenting with the Reblog feature! And do we all read Lucky to Cope? Do we all know that Lucky has made Brooklyn Backstretch AND The New York Times. (I am not at all jealous.) Now Final Call has made Lucky to Cope, so I guess that’s a step in the right direction!

Now, if you read my blog, you more than likely already read Retired Racehorse (and if not, why not?) But just in case you've come here via another link and have somehow never heard of it, go read it. You will probably be inspired to want your own OTTB. You might even want one who is the star of his own blog. No, you can't have Lucky, sorry, but you CAN be the new lady (or gentleman; we don't judge) in the life of THIS star of stage, screen the In … Read More

via ReRider Who's Lucky To Cope



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3 responses to “Want your very own OTTB? (via ReRider Who’s Lucky To Cope)

  1. I’d reblog this, but that would turn into some kind of infinite reblogging loop thing and we might create a black hole or something.

    • carrotplease

      You guys, stop it with the wormholes and bending of the space time continuum!

      • Natalie Keller Reinert

        I’m hoping we can use the sun’s gravity to slingshot around and go back in time to 1987. See some sweet live U2. The wormhole is a back-up plan.

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