I’d Write About Riding, if Only I Was Doing Any…

I spent most of the day on the computer, working on a few projects that have to be tied up before the Big Move. I haven’t even begun to contemplate the revamp of Retired Racehorse, only to say that I want it to be very freaking sweet and impress all of you. I like this template, but I want something that is more friendly to multiple posts throughout the day (sound at all promising?) and this one just isn’t it.

This is my good side.

The plan, such as it is, is to get a few Guest Bloggers pounding away at Retired Racehorse while we schlep up I-95 with a truck full of books and find an apartment up a few steep flights of stairs to store them (and ourselves) in. Only then, once I have, you know, a desk, and some food in the fridge, and some loud music playing, will I be prepared to move the intangibles around – that is, the blog.

Fiona, Saratoga’s Saucy Miss, has promised to offer up a blog or three. (Now you’re out in the open! Better start typing, sister!) If anyone else has something they’d like to say, e-mail me at bonappeal@gmail.com with whatever you’re inspired to share. I’ve been meaning to open up the floor for some time, and I just had too much to say. Now, I find myself with considerably less.

Final Call and I have been taking it easy the past few days. It’s been too hot for anything else. I honestly don’t know how the horses at Calder do it all summer. Yesterday, we did a long and low trot for about fifteen or twenty minutes. Today, we worked on the bit for ten minutes or so and then cantered for about five minutes on a long rein. It was truly all either of us could stand. I’m quite fit but I was feeling the heat and dehydration nearly immediately. He’s very fit, as well, and I can’t imagine that he felt any better.

What do you do when it’s simply too hot to work? When I was a kid in Maryland, we would go down to the river and swim the horses. “Swimming” the horses usually entailed getting dumped in the river trying to get them into the water, or getting dumped in the river when they decided to roll in a deep spot. Either way, of course, it was a win. There are no such options here. There’s alligators in them thar waters. And brain-eating ameoba. You know, the good stuff, that people move to Florida in droves for.

Finally, on another tangent altogether, Susan Salk is doing something that I meant to do, but changed my mind about doing, and so I’m glad she’s doing it… (the heat has addled my brains…) Off Track Thoroughbreds, a gathering of success stories about racehorses moving on to second careers. These are well-written interviews and articles, with pictures (yay!) of OTTBs… OTTBs jumping things, OTTBs kissing owners, OTTBs being generally cute… It’s lovely and there’s a Facebook page as well. (I love Facebook pages.)

The other website that caught my eye today was Dixie Rumble, which is of course brought to you by CANTER Mid Atlantic. They have in the most divine filly, Lady Wheaton, who needs a month of stall rest, during which time I am sure she will eat lots of alfalfa and simply deepen those dapples I can see rippling across her bay coat. Lady Wheaton, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, and I hope to see much more of you in the future! And, by the way, Parker is looking fantastic!



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11 responses to “I’d Write About Riding, if Only I Was Doing Any…

  1. Thanks for two more blogs to follow, Natalie!

    By the way, I did follow the link to see how much it would be to ship Final Call out here to California–you know, just out of curiosity. Bar caught wind of this, however, and was definitely not amused.

    I hope your move–and everything else–goes smoothly.

  2. Natalie,
    Thank you for the mention!! I love your blog. Sue

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      My pleasure! Nothing makes me happier than a thoughtful, journalistic approach to a blog. And the subject matter can’t be beat!

  3. Blob

    Good luck with the moving and the site revamping! Both exciting but time consuming tasks!

    Last week was miserably hot up here as well (it’s cooled down now thankfully). I thought I was going to suffer a heat stroke before I even got on a horse last weekend. But being originally from Georgia, I know summer in the south is nothing to joke about!

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      Like anything worth doing, it is incredibly exciting and deeply terrifying. I’m thrilled. 🙂

      Oh the weather, I’m ecstatic to think of unpredictable weather rather than hot/chance of psychotic death thunderstorm day in/day out six months out of the year. Followed up by a winter of bloody cold but not quite cold enough for anything interesting (like snow!!).

      On that note, I like snow very much… very very much… however I am not quite prepared to imagine galloping in sub-zero temperatures. We will cross that bridge when we come to it. Yikes. Slighty terrified.

  4. Don’t worry, New York isn’t nearly as hot as Florida at the moment. We’ve already had some scorchers this year though…

    I’m looking forward to seeing how you mix things up around here!

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      Shannon, I think the blog is going to expand rather wonderfully as time goes by. There is so much horsiness going on in the city and its environs… just gotta find it.

      And as for the rest of the day/night… considering a blog specifically for my non-equine hours…

      • Blob

        When you find all that city horsey-ness please keep us updated! As wonderful as everything else is about this island, I just wish I had more horse in my life!

      • Natalie Keller Reinert

        Admittedly some of it may be in Long Island.

  5. carrotplease

    Got some new ones to gawk at on Calabria Rose too 🙂

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