No Sentiment Allowed

I started five blogs tonight.

I’m not exaggerating, either… I started five blogs, on five subjects, and deleted them all. Too pious, too preachy, no one will care, that one will start a war and, finally, too boring.

Here’s the blog, then.

Final Call is leaving in the morning.

I haven’t ridden him since Tuesday. It was too hot, I was too busy, I didn’t want to. I knew he was leaving. I don’t like long good-byes, or sentimental “last rides,” and I went out of my way to avoid it. No drama. My number one motto.

The vet check, by the way, was a hoot. And it’s not often you can say that about a vet check. The vet was a fabulous older gent with a shirt patterned in vibrant rainbow… roosters. Yes, roosters. He had a habit of leaning on the gossip-height wall between Final Call and the colt. The colt has a habit of eating hair. Although the vet had no hair, this did not stop him from chewing on the good doctor’s scalp. I love my colt, but he is a bit mouthy.

Final Call flexed sound – always nice in any horse, isn’t it? Flexion tests have doomed many perfectly sound horses to the sad netherland of “didn’t pass the vet.” He made the usual affronted look when asked to trot off from a standstill when his hind leg was very clearly cramped. “Jeez mom,” I could hear him thinking. “This is just the opposite of a warm-up.”

And that is that, a groomed bay horse, neatly wrapped up in a bow, waiting for his shiny metal box to arrive so he can be chauffered down the road, munching on green salad and sipping lukewarm water, heading for what we non-sentimental types like to call “his forever home.”



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12 responses to “No Sentiment Allowed

  1. He is really lucky to have had you. And not many horses get a forever home, so he’s lucky again. 🙂

    (That wasn’t as sentimental as I could have been!)

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      We were both very lucky.

      Thinking back over the past six months, it is thrilling to see how far he has come.

      I think I may “reblog” a few of those old posts now and then, with some updated commentary on how things have changed.

      The best thing, I guess, is thinking of all those crazy Thoroughbreds just waiting for me in a couple of weeks. And the truth is, I would never have had the courage to get back on them if it weren’t for getting on Final Call, first.

      And we will be expecting regular updates on Final Call, am I right, folks?

  2. Barb

    Godspeed, Final Call!

  3. Awwwwww…..I was just getting to know him:(
    Really, of course it’s a good thing right? I’m sure you’re saying all that and more to yourself.
    Still, I can’t help but offer condolences.
    Bye bye Final Call. Congrats on your new home. Don’t forget your mom who “raised” you:)

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      It is a good thing.. it’s a very good thing. People told me to take a deep breath, let things happen, that finding his new home would happen when it was supposed to happen, and they were right.

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      More tomorrow night.. when I have more time… after Zenyatta wins the Vanity. More tomorrow. 🙂

      On Sat, Jun 12, 2010 at 10:59 PM, Natalie Reinert wrote:

      > It is a good thing.. it’s a very good thing. People told me to take a deep > breath, let things happen, that finding his new home would happen when it > was supposed to happen, and they were right. >

  4. Wade Thomas

    I guess I missed one of your blog posts, but I was trying to figure out what is happening with Final Call and where he is going!!?????

    Your blog is so good, and I really liked seeing his pictures!! He’s a good looking horse!! I wished I could have him here beachside in Sebastian!!

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      I guess that most of it occurred on Facebook, and I somehow missed posting it here. But yes. I’ll post more about it tomorrow, but Final Call has a very nice new Mum and is moving to the Gulf Coast!

  5. blob

    Even though it’s a good bye, both of you are heading towards new, exciting, and ultimately good new adventures.

  6. Kat

    Rainbow roosters!! Impressive.

    I am pleased that FC has found an awesome home, both for his sake and yours. Lots of stress off of you in the long run. Come down to my side of town before you have to head to NY and I will treat you to lunch and we can talk horses. Oh, and perhaps you’ll get to see a cute-as-pie 3/4 TB 1/8 QH 1/8 Swedish warmblood foal…that has thus far refused to make an appearance.

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      Okay – I’ll be there!

      Yes, rainbow roosters. It was Dr. Britt – do you know him? Hilarious. Wish I’d met him before.

      (Maybe I can convince the foal to come visit? I think it’s waiting for a nice dark moon – oh wait, the moon is dark this week..)

  7. Congratulations doesn’t seem quite right, but you have done great thing with him and for OTTBs with your writing.

    Bar, for one, appreciates all your stereotype-bashing.

    Good luck, and keep on telling stories!

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