Retired racehorse project unveiled (via Off-Track Thoroughbreds)

Steuart Pittman is a hero to me: someone who is developing a comprehensive plan to educate America’s riding public about the value of Thoroughbreds. There are also some great quotes in this article from another hero of mine, Jimmy Wofford. Don’t miss this great article!

Retired racehorse project unveiled By Susan Salk In Steuart Pittman’s experience, Americans love racehorses. They’re just unsure about the rest of it: are the horses “abuse victims” on the track and after they retire, are they suitable for riding by anyone other than daredevils? The longtime trainer and breeder at the storied Dodon Farm in Maryland seeks to demystify the racehorse through a new initiative. The Retired Racehorse Training Project offers clinics, symposia, lectures a … Read More

via Off-Track Thoroughbreds


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5 responses to “Retired racehorse project unveiled (via Off-Track Thoroughbreds)

  1. Barb

    He just had a clinic at ReRun for which Vince was a sponsor. He’s doing a great job geting the word out about OTTBs. Really, all you need is a sense of humor!

  2. blob

    I hadn’t heard of him until I read this article (I know, I know, I live in a bubble under a rock). Very enjoyable read.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this on your blog. One of the things I liked best about talking with Mr. Pittman was his positive attitude. He was so enthusiastic about the Thoroughbred as a prospect for riders of all levels, and it was good to hear. He thinks riders learn better and have an easier time when they ride a more forward horse, and it made so much sense. I could go and on. 🙂

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      Oh yes. I decided as a young girl that slowing down was much better than kicking on all the time. Forward is so much easier to ride. Easier on the legs for sure.

  4. Portia Winters

    I really like Steuart and hope we can bring some of his ideals down here to Florida. I agree that Americans are unsure about TB’s.I hear all the time when I suggest to someone to go try a TB, well aren’t they crazy and difficult to handle. I use mine as an example no they are smart and have the best work ethic in the world. People should be so lucky to have those qualities.

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