Anything for a Cookie

Cookie.... cookie... COOKIE!!!!

I honestly think horses will do anything for Giddyap Girls horse treats. (Corporate sponsorship, take note. I won’t sell out for Absolut, but I would strongly consider selling out for these cookies. I believe in these cookies.)

I took advantage of a brief break in the weather to do a little more trailer loading. Once again, I filled my pockets with cookies and was able to just watch the magic happen.

It never fails to amaze me that a young horse will even consider getting on a trailer to begin with. I mean, there is nothing about a trailer that says, “Hop on in!” is there? It’s a box raised up off of the ground, without nearly enough natural light, and foreign looking walls and straps and things inside.

And yet they all eventually take that first step, sometimes without even being asked, and as their hoof makes a hollow bang on the floor of the trailer, I think, “You are amazing.”

But armed with little bites of cookies, I could have asked the yearlings to walk through fire and they would have done so cheerfully. Every step was made with the prick-eared intent of getting another nibble.

I tasted a cookie because I had to know. As a kid we all tried Mrs. Pasture’s Horse Cookies when they hit the market and were surprised to find that they tasted exactly like – nothing. What was it, exactly, that horses were sticking their heads through their feed doors for? These cookies taste faintly of raisins and nothing. The raisin taste is a big improvement over just plain nothingness. I’m sure that is my secret weapon in getting the babies into the dark scary trailer.

I think that the picture, taken with my BlackBerry, really illustrates the leap of faith that getting into a trailer can constitute. Look at how dark it is inside! And this is a stock on one side and has two windows on the other. Such good children.



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5 responses to “Anything for a Cookie

  1. blob

    I wish someone would feed me a cookie everytime I did something right.

    I can’t remember the brand, but there is a horse treat that tastes an awful lot like oatmeal cookies. We also used to feed horses pieces of those Nature Valley Oat n Honey granola bars and peppermint tums!

  2. I give you credit for trying one!

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      My husband tries every kind of horse feed. It is because of him that I know really good alfalfa pellets taste like spinach. Me, I stick to cookies.

  3. Trailers are really scary (or so my mare tells me). It looks like you’ve got a stock trailer though, which has to be less claustrophobic than the alternative.

    My horses love their licorice treats. I’ve tasted those and for me they’re all smell and no taste. Then again, my favorite flavor is sugar…

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      It is half stock – the right side is stock and the left has two sliding windows. It’s technically a 2-horse slant, but I usually leave one horse (or a mare and foal) in a box stall arrangement.

      They hopped right in this morning and went to work on their alfalfa. I don’t know why they were so much easier to load than the last two yearlings. Everything about these two has been easier than last years’. I suppose that without even realizing it I was correcting mistakes that I had made before.

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