The Family Business

When we started breeding Thoroughbreds a few years ago, I honestly thought that we were starting off our son in a family business.

And despite a few amazing moments – picking up the hooves, cleaning them out, and successfully naming the different points, at age 3; discovering that he had fed all the horses in the barn, right down to the correct amounts, before I even got out of bed, at age 4; most of our “family business” experiences were limited to the annoying: waiting until I was on a horse before shouting out the backdoor that he was hungry; or the preposterous: running around like a crazy person while we were anxiously watching our first foal try to find the udder, and slipping and falling on the placenta stretched outside the stall door.

But you should see him now! Like his parents, Calvin is no farm boy. He’s a city boy, and city horses suit him. The family business looks like it’s going to be racehorses – and who knows, he might just grow up in it…

Here are some images of the Reinert family, racetrackers…

Calvin scrubbing stall webbing

Calvin gives the stall webbing a good scrubbing, to the nosey filly's delight. She loves him.

Cory in Belmont paddock

Cory walks a filly before her race at Belmont Park

Natalie riding

Riding out, early morning



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3 responses to “The Family Business

  1. Barb

    You’re doing really, really good, gal! Pics brought tears to my eyes, except for Calvin’s, which gave me a big ROFL laugh! Glad to see a pic of you “up”! Big future lies ahead. Your family is good!

  2. Yes, finally a picture of you! Now how about a serious action shot?? šŸ˜€

  3. Fiona

    So slow to see this, so worth the wait. This is a boyhood to envy!

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