Appreciating a Mare (via TB at X)

We talked about this with Bon Appeal, the red-headed mare that now lives over at Backyard Sporthorses ( This is a great post from TB at X, about not just disproving stereotypes, but listening to a mare – who is most emphatically not a gelding.

Appreciating a Mare Some people love geldings, some people love mares, and some people swear there is more difference between individuals than there is between geldings and mares in general.  Myself, I'm not sure.  I've known great geldings, and pain in the butt geldings, and sweet mares and cranky mares.  Of course, working with Liam for so many years, I grew partial not just to geldings, but to horses of his personality and temperament.  He's sweet and loving, gen … Read More

via TB at X


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