Claiborne sire prospect Blame shares Zenyatta elements (via Sid Fernando + Observations)

Have you seen this blog, pedigree friends? I know several of you are as interested in Thoroughbred pedigrees as we are, and Sid Fernando knows his stuff. (Also he has very dashing pictures of himself standing next to top North American sires whilst wearing a long coat and Ray-Bans.) This has some nice observations on the sure-to-be hot new sire Blame… after we get a few more fantastic races out of him, I’m sure.

Claiborne sire prospect Blame shares Zenyatta elements They won their respective Grade 1 races Saturday on two coasts, at Saratoga and Del Mar, with very similar come-from-behind styles, both overcoming slow early fractions to run down the leaders by narrow margins, a head for Blame in the 9-furlong Whitney and a neck for Zenyatta in the 8.5-fur … Read More

via Sid Fernando + Observations



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6 responses to “Claiborne sire prospect Blame shares Zenyatta elements (via Sid Fernando + Observations)

  1. I was just thinking about her future today. Obviously they’re going to want to breed her but who is possibly going to be good enough for Zenyatta?

    • Natalie Keller Reinert

      Who is good enough for a queen? I’m reminded of Aladdin: “Only a prince can marry a princess!”

      The stallion question is, who is the next game-changer?

  2. Thanks for the post, Natalie!

  3. Mike

    I have gotten into a few discussions regarding the breeding of Big Z as we have come to call her . This imposing mare’s first foal will indeed bring a King’s ransom and why not … it is the sport of Kings after all . The commercial side of the industry commands the breeding trend in America , track superstars as juveniles followed by lackluster sophomore campaigns for the most part the norm . Early developing sprinter / milers that need a taxi and an oxygen tank to get past a mile the norm for 2yo’s in training sales cough cough Green Monkey … cough cough .

    For Big Z I think several points must be addressed . SIZE #1 , there is such a thing as a horse too big for the racetrack and she is truely an imposing mare with a gate break that is less than optimal but lets agree … she always gets the job done with heart and determination to win 😀 .
    #2 Inbreeding , there are many schools of thought when it comes to this and they all have valid points to one degree or another . Personally I don’t like to see inbreeding ANY closer than 4S 4D for risk of doubling up on negative characteristics which i think we can all agree plague the American thoroughbred horse . When you breed for an extreme something has to give and the golden middle is unpopular . BUT , inbreeding any closer to lock in a particular trait through the RIGHT partners is a worthy breeding so for me this is the only exception to the 4S 4D line of thought .
    #3 Stamina , with this mares stamina laden pedigree I would like to add a bit of speed / athletic ability without compromising her love for distance . Having said this lets take a look at the pedigree of Big Z :

    Its truely beautiful to my eyes 🙂 Street Cry x Vertigineux ( Kris S x Forli ) and here is where the confimation of nothing closer than 4S 4D becomes evident . 5S 4D on Hail to Reason through Halo on the sires line via Machiavellian’s Dam and Roberto via the Dams line through Kris S ( absolutely LOVE this tactic by the way ) 5S 4D on the brilliant Hoist the Flag and … 5S 5D on Nashua ( running out of time to write so trying to wrap it up )

    #1 new chef de race (208) A.P. Indy son of triple crown winner Seattle Slew out of Secretariat mare Weekend Surprise ( broodmare of the Year and G3 winner of like $400K ) average winning distance in NA open stake races : 8.71 furlongs and getting up there in age so to ignore this oportunity IF he is still covering mares in 2011 I think would be a grave mistake . Bringing to the table an impressive collection of superlative stake horses amoung which is Mineshaft , Rags to Riches , Bernardini , Stephen Got Even , Golden Missle off the top of my head and in no particular order lol . Conformation , size , age , ability and sales ring appeal put this sire at the #1 spot

    #2 Afleet Alex Failed in the KY Derby due to breathing issues , won the Preakness even though he stumbled in the stretch and nearly went down ( how often does that happen in a G1 ? ) and winning handily in the Belmont . Athletic abilty , great movement and representing Mr. Prospector in the 4th position of his foals pedigree . Also he brings Roberto through his distaff classy dam line via Hawkster and his second dam by Hawaii representing the Nearco line from the Dante branch of Nearco . He is red hot his freshman season , should bring some juvenile precociousness , moderate size , affirm winning desire and definately NOT compromise classic distance love . I KNOW I will likely get flamed for putting him @ #2 but I feel this stallion will be making a big splash in the years to come and I have thick skin so it matters not 😀

    bah , time is out but will return to finish up my top 5 stallions for Big Z breeding later 😉

  4. brooks

    why has no mentioned Quality Road as the obvious stud. I think he is owned by the Moss’ so seems the most probable mate.

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