Learning to Ride. Again.


I’m suddenly paying attention out there.

Not that I hadn’t been before, of course.
But I’ve started to shift my focus from my horse and broaden my view to include the other riders out on the track with me. They stopped being obstacles to overcome (like a horse-racing Mario Kart) and became lessons to be learned. How did their riders react to their foolish behaviors? How did they hold the reins, position their legs and bodies?

It isn’t exactly an equitation competition out there. (Although there are a few riders out there who can perch, hollow-backed and ineffectual, with the best of Big Eq.) Many, many riders apparently learn at the track. As I’ve said, my deep heels are a dead giveaway of my English background. Everybody has their own unique seat, but the best, most confident-looking riders seemed to somehow stay well behind the motion, with their legs out in front of them, while keeping their shoulders over their hands, and their hands planted firmly at the withers.

I have to learn that seat, somehow. And while staying back and safe isn’t too hard for me, keeping my hands at the withers is a challenge. I am finding it a little nerve-wracking, to be honest. My instinct is to lift my hands and choke up on the reins a little at speed. Think two-point position. The reins at the withers gives me a terrible out-of-control feeling, which is totally in my head, but… It’s there.

I went out to the rail this morning to watch a few go by. Here’s an example of what I’m going for.

rider position

Leg forward, seat back, hands down. Hmm.


Apologies for the distance, but you can see the low hands, long reins, forward leg, back seat.

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3 responses to “Learning to Ride. Again.

  1. Blob


    Haha, by which I mean the picture is cut off to only show the horse’s rear, which as beautiful as it is doesn’t show any of the rider’s position.

    It’s always nerve wracking to change positions. I think I would struggle adapting to having my shoulders in front of my hands, unless I had a horn to hold on to 🙂

  2. Sigh. Every time I read your blog, you give me something new I want to try, Natalie.

    However, in this case, I’ll stick to butt deep, heels down. Bar knows how to do the other things.

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