Just Sitting Around…

I’m sitting outside the barn on this cool September morning, listening to the birds sing, the traffic hum, the tractors rolling by on the racetrack. The grooms next door are still busy cleaning up from their day; I’m long done, drinking lukewarm coffee.

It’s still dead around here after eleven a.m., but the trailers are starting to pull up as the day wears on, and the horses are starting to return from Saratoga. I wonder if they’re disappointed when they get back. I wonder if they miss the views from the open shedrows of Saratoga. I bet they don’t know how cold it gets in upstate New York. They’ll be glad for our closed doors and four walls come winter.

I sat and looked at the winter riding gear in a Dover Saddlery catalog earlier. I really don’t have any. I’m not scared – yet. I remember riding in the snow as a teenager. I remember getting so hot I’d be in short-sleeves with snow on the ground. I am dreading cold feet, though. Cold feet are the worst. Getting off a horse onto hard ground with cold feet – oh man. Oh no.

Oh well.

Sitting in the sun, taking off my jacket, I’m sure winter’s far away yet…

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7 responses to “Just Sitting Around…

  1. Sock layers. That’s the only thing that works. I hate cold toes. Thin socks, then woolies over. And half size bigger boots.

    lovely post.

  2. Karl

    I can heartily recommend Mountain Horse Active Winter Rider Boots,
    plus one pair of wicking ski socks (I like Fox River).
    And don’t forget the mounting weight hot chilly long underwear.
    (Two pair if it’s below 10 degrees.)

    I rode all winter long last year in Minnesota and I was warm down to single digits.

    But you are not in Florida anymore Dorothy 😉

    Good luck.

  3. Missy

    Ohhh…I know what you mean about cold toes on hard ground! Feels like they’ve been chopped off with an axe! Painful!!

  4. Karl

    Oops, that should have been “mountain weight” Hot Chillies.
    They’re expensive but they are sooo warm.

  5. You captured it, girl! Thanks

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