Dressage Natalie/Racetrack Natalie

Today, while riding through the “good” track (“good” means there are puddles here and there, but no quicksand or python-infested marshes that the track crew is aware of) I found myself riding through an admirable impression of a capriole. And as the filly soared gracefully through the air, threw in the kick at the end, landed, and then gathered herself up for another pop,  I found myself – not doing anything.

I barely told her ‘no.’

Galloping bay colt

Racetrack Natalie: look, absolutely no vestiges of Dressage Natalie remain!

I am not sure I even paused in posting.

Her foray sent her mouth against my hands, my hands never moved, and thus won, she stopped the high school dressage, and went on jogging around the track. She never made another silly move.

And I thought (because when you’re jogging a horse, it’s just thinking time. It’s like mucking out stalls – your time is your own) since when does that NOT freak me out?

If a horse of mine had done that while I was out in the dressage ring, I would have had a fit.

Dressage Natalie:

 Why did the horse do that? Is there a problem? Something must be wrong. She must be hurting somewhere. The saddle is pinching. It doesn’t fit correctly. I need a new saddle.I need a custom saddle. I need a saddle-fitting expert to come to the barn. I need a second (third, fourth) job to pay for the custom saddle. Clearly I can’t ride her anymore. Let me dismount here and walk back to the barn. Oh at this rate we’ll never canter!

Racetrack Natalie:

Damn, filly feels good. “Knock it off, filly.” Back to daydreaming.



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6 responses to “Dressage Natalie/Racetrack Natalie

  1. Great post, and even better pic!! I was just thinking today that I’m not really headed in any direction with the horses, but i sure am enjoying the heck out of them. Pretty sure the weather translates in their bodies into those gymnastics!

  2. Well rode, grasshopper. Spoken (typed) like a rider should..

  3. Fiona

    I’m finding myself evolving in the same direction. It’s a great feeling. Old school here we come, watch out Will James Vicki Hearne and Xenophon!

    I so enjoy your tales of the track, keep ’em coming.

    • Thanks!

      I really got this feeling for the first time in my life, riding Final Call, that I didn’t want to mess around with manners and prettiness anymore, I just wanted to move forward, have fun. I was always working hard on my horse, even on trail rides. It was really serendipitous to have this opportunity to gallop at the same time as this feeling that I just wanted to ride, not fuss with laterals and collection and extension…

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