Good Morning

Well I will be stiff and sore tomorrow – if not tonight – but it will have been well worth it! This morning, after getting on one or two, here or there, off and on, sporadically (okay, you get the drift) I found myself taking out four horses.

Big deal, I know, four whole horses. But I haven’t been riding much, contenting myself with grooming and keeping the barn in order. I love grooming – just general horsekeeping is really all that I need to stay happy – and if I’m not taking horses to the racetrack in the predawn darkness with a 30 degree windchill, well, that’s not the worst fate, right?

But of course it isn’t the same, being on the ground, and can I help it if I started to whistle the minute I was tossed up in the saddle? Sitting back in the saddle, on the wide flat cantle, feet in front of me, heels down – oh, better than any La-Z-Boy could ever be!

The inner dirt track opened for training today. I’m not completely clear on what the inner track is made of, but I can tell you that the horses loved it, jogging along in fine style, gazing over the rail at the main track they’ve spent the warm months on, snorting at the quarter poles which are suddenly in new, unaccustomed places.

And then for good measure, a breeze, because no two month riding hiatus is complete without a breeze! The important fact, I tell myself, is that I didn’t pass out from exhaustion… Although I did feel a little light-headed walking the horse back to the barn!

Now I feel completely wonderful… My muscles are loose and relaxed, my mind is peaceful. What a lovely morning, what a crazy wonderful job!

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5 responses to “Good Morning

  1. I am so insanely jealous of you right now, it’s not even funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I desperately need to get back in the saddle, back to taking care of horses. This and your previous blog helped to drive it home to me. Since I moved four years ago my outlet has been volunteering with CANTER and I’ve slowly started a network of horse people to visit outside of the track. But it’s really a poor substitute. I need more horse time. Need to make that happen. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Karl

    Back in the saddle again!

    I just got back from driving icy snow covered roads 50 miles to change out the soggy wet/frozen blanket for a new toasty warm blanket on Manny the wonder horse. Glad to hear you got the ride-o-rama ride today. (I love grooming too, but both is better…) Minnesota is in the rain, to freezing rain to snow period….second time in two weeks, which makes it difficult to keep outdoor horses comfortable.


  3. Sue

    You speak of breezing with such confidence now! I love reading about your progress from your first attempts–from the comments like, ah, Natalie, you need to pick it up a bit– to your attitude today.

    I think it’s great you took a little break, but it’s probably a happier life balance to have both writing and riding time.

    I know I feel happier when I drag myself north to get on my favorite TB. But I can’t compare my rides to yours. I struggle to get her into an 8 mph trot. LOL


  4. YAY, you’re riding again!

    Now, if we can just find you another project horse…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. BrooklynSaint

    When I read the following I’m wasn’t sure if you are speaking from your own point of view or from the horses…maybe both!

    Now I feel completely wonderfulโ€ฆ My muscles are loose and relaxed, my mind is peaceful. What a lovely morning, what a crazy wonderful job!

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