Winning at the Day Off

Today is project day, the day of the week when I stay home and go through all the million side projects that I have going on. Most of them involve horses, of course, because I am obsessed with horses – shock! – and occasionally they involve awesome field trips around New York City. I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to go anywhere today… but it could happen.

Win at Christmas. Custom ornaments baby.

So far, I’ve spent about an hour working on Christmas ornaments. I won’t remind you that it’s like three days until Christmas or something. You already know that, I’m sure. Anyway, I like to draw horses, I like calligraphy, I like Christmas decorations – it’s a nice way to pass an hour or two.

Then I sat and watched the train pulling into the station for a while. I feel very fortunate that I can see the subway from my desk. It’s awesome for gazing into space and procrastinating.

Next up, I have a couple of articles I am working on and need to complete the interviews for. I’ve only been putting it off for an entire month! If I took October off from the horses, I took November off from everything else. November was my month of languor. December will be my month of bustling activity. Prolific writing. Fast gallops. The works. Stay tuned.

Of course, I’m not accustomed to this hard chair all day. By noon, I’ll be tired of sitting at my desk and drinking coffee. So I’ll pack up my laptop, go to a cafe, and sit at a table and drink some coffee.

By tomorrow, I’ll be thoroughly ready to go back to work and stretch my muscles again!

I am so cute. I don't actually need a chain on my nose, that's just how these racetrackers do things.

By the way, remember my sweet puppy dog horse? He’s available. It’s almost enough to make me clear my son out of his bedroom and spread some straw on the floor. Luckily I live on the fourth floor.

Anyway, for anyone with a 12×12 space or, better yet, a little paddock, General comes with a ready-made Training Level Working Trot and a heart of gold. He is possibly the Greatest Horse Ever.

(If you’re into, you know, sweet and cuddly and easy-to-handle and really nice gaits and a soft mouth. That kind of thing.)

The smiling horse is General. The smiling man is Joe.

Anyway I am of the opinion that General would make a very  happy dressage horse for, well, pretty much anyone. He follows you like a puppy, he lets you do anything you want (groom, wrap legs, etc.) without being tied up. He’s just lovely.




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2 responses to “Winning at the Day Off

  1. He is SuperDuper adorable, and I love his name! I think happy racehorses make happy (fill in the blank) horses after they’re retired, and General looks very happy!

  2. He’s so sweet. I posted a picture of him a few days ago, trying to get my ponytail.

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