Change your bookmarks

The new project? Yeah, that’s up.

I did something I thought previously unthinkable: I moved back to Blogger. For a free platform, Blogger allows me to do more than does. For example, links to my favorite training books on Amazon, right there. A Facebook badge. Etc.

The new blog is Retired Racehorse Today. The goal is to cover Thoroughbreds from as many angles as possible, with guest blogs, columnists, links to content around the world, and my own editorials, of course.

I’ve loved Retired Racehorse Blog, and I hope you’ll continue to read (and please, please contribute!) at Retired Racehorse Today.

With love and ponies,




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2 responses to “Change your bookmarks

  1. You know, Natalie, it’s getting kind of hard to chase you around. Good thing I enjoy reading what you write ;).

    I’ll see you at your new site!

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