New Names vs Jockey Club Names

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So first, Liz (@nythoroughbred) shares this great link at Chronicle of the Horse: “Celebrating Former Racehorses at Rolex,” and I get very excited reading it. Obviously it comes to no surprise to any of us that OTTBs are the best eventers (and everything else) but it is fun to see them get press for being so awesome.

Then I read this line, which blew my mind as much as it must have done the writer’s (Allie Conrad of CANTER) when she suggested an OTTB award at Rolex to the organizers:

“I think it’s a great idea, but I think you’ll be disappointed about finding someone to award it to—Rolex horses have all been purpose-bred for the sport of eventing,” I was told.

Duh what?

So Conrad had to inform the organizers (of Rolex? My heart is broken.) of the reality of Where Event Horses Come From, and she had some fun doing so, naming the 17 of 33 Rolex entries at the 2011 event.

In her blog post she lists the horse as well as the horse’s Jockey Club name and sire and dam.

Now, here is my question. Retired racehorse. Show name or Jockey Club name?

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know I’m on team Jockey Club name. Bon Appeal, Final Call, and all my broodmares – they’ve always been referred to by their Jockey Club names. I think we should all be on Team Jockey Club name, and this is why: I think it would be easier to track great sport-horse bloodlines and successful OTTBs if their names didn’t change.

And here is my proof:

Shiraz: ridden and owned by Colleen Rutledge. His Jockey Club name is “Bold and Burley,” by Gallapiat out of Bold Blossom. He raced 14 times with 2 wins and just over $14,000 in earnings.

Gallapiat isn’t the most familiar of names. But this horse produced my amazing mare, Gallapiatsprincess, who was the toughest tank of a horse you’d ever run across – with an amazing trot, to boot. She had two foals for us, Princess For A Day and Sunset Park, both of whom were built just like her – wonderfully sound, compact bodies, the picture of toughness, with worrisome levels of intelligence and arrogance. In short, awesome sport horse prospects.

Would I seek out another Gallapiat for eventing, knowing this? Hell yes I would! Would you? Probably not, because you didn’t know one personally, and you didn’t know Shiraz was one!

That’s my argument. Give me yours.

Sunset Park

A beastly grandson of Gallapiat



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10 responses to “New Names vs Jockey Club Names

  1. Nicholas

    Jockey Club names. You make a good point RE following lines for breeding purposes. One of the Bloodhorse’s blogs had an interesting discussion on the question of good lines for sport here Thoroughbred Bloodlines for Performance Sports.

    On a more personal note, an animal transitioning careers is going through enough change, why ask them to learn a new name? Granted, that’s how we ended up with two retired racehounds whose names confuse and baffle virtually everyone on first hearing.

  2. Liz

    Great to read about Gallapiat babies-I have a 7 yr old gelding in my training right now as a hunter, and he is one of my favorites of all time-bossy and arrogant, but makes him go in the show ring, strut and be noticed. Brave and easily trainable, he could really do any career, he just happened to end up in the hunter ring with the help of his amazing trot and jump! I want more of these-where can I hunt them down???

    • The Gallapiats absolutely are mind-blowing – the colt in question jumped out of his paddock when he was six months old, and the Western Pride/Minstrel filly ran THROUGH the fence after him – and the Gallapiat filly I had is also a gutsy, tough wench. Gallapiat really threw horses with panache and athleticism. Now my two were out of a Gallapiat mare, so it definitely ran through at least the second generation. That should help.

      I don’t know of any specific method besides Google, really, for finding Gallapiat offspring. There was a farm in Florida with a Gallapiat mare; they might have some offspring available for sport. Flying Lion Farms or something like that. If you find Gallapiat progeny currently racing (maybe try doing progeny reports on pedigreequery?) you could go to the Jockey Club’s website and register your name with their Thoroughbred placement service in case the horse needs to be rehomed after racing. Just a few random ideas.

  3. Summer Thurber

    I am fully in favor of keeping the JC name. I always have, always will. Some may be silly…some just strange…so here is a list of the OTTB proudly residing at my farm:

    Man That Alarm
    Mac A Dude
    Village Lady
    Gold Pageantry
    Silver Squire (deceased)

    Past residents:
    Sister Suave
    Rose Classic
    Dancing Saints
    Mambo Appeal

    I currently have some pretty fun, unoffensive names here. I have heard some crazy ones though. I am, and have always been proud to have these beautiful athletes in my barn. It would be great to be able to track all the OTTB in their new careers, easier if they kept their names. It is their heritage, their given names, a name that represents who they are. Thoroughbreds. Off the track thoroughbreds. We should all be proud of the names, as silly as some are. It is part of what makes them who they are. Exquisite.

    • Summer, so beautifully said!! Thank you for sharing!

      What I like is that you can look at these names and get an idea of who they were..
      Man That Alarm – a Darn That Alarm? The lovely stallion who died tragically in a barn fire?
      Sister Suave, a Suave? Mambo Appeal, a Valid Appeal?
      These are sounding like Florida-breds!
      And Gotthegreenlight…. that sounds suspiciously familiar.
      So does Beyers…
      Tell me more!



  4. Summer Thurber

    Oh wait….I forgot a couple…

    Truly Lovely
    On Lake

    OK, I thinks that is all of them. (:

  5. Summer Thurber

    Man That Alarm….that is my boy. (: He is a Man from Eldorado, by Darn That Alarm. (: yes, a tragic barn fire, made me so sad. He was so close to me, and I never had a chance to meet him.

    Silver Squire….he recently had to be euthanized. He was by the fantastic Lane’s End stallion, Silver Ghost.

    Mambo Appeal, Dancing Saints, Rose Classic, and Raymundo are living happily with their Mom, Caroline, in Ocala.

    Sister Suave is retired in Georgia.

    Beyers was adopted by my friend, Jill, and lives a posh life in South Carolina.

    Gotthegreelight is headed to Paris, KY in a couple weeks to live a very wonderful life with her new Daddy, Greg.

    Truly Lovely was adopted and is loved by a 15 year old girl who just adores her and takes her to hunter and dressage shows.

    On Lake was adopted and lives her retirement in Alabama.

    A lot of the TBs at my place are owned by Tampa TROT (thoroughbred retirement of Tampa). They are a 501 (c) (3) that retires, rehabs, and adopts the racing thoroughbreds in Tampa Florida. I am one of the foster farms for TROT. I have the rehab horses and I keep them here until they are ready to be restarted under saddle and go on to new careers.

    It is a pleasure to have them all here and see them go onto new lives and careers after their racing days are over. They are fantastic animals with so much to offer!

    As for the JC names…..well, some are funny, some are just strange, but it is who they are. I for one am proud to keep the JC name, always have, always will. I ride my thoroughbreds with pride knowing I am a small part in the world of a horse bred to be an athlete and all of them, whether they have won races or not, are all champions in my eyes and heart.

    Be proud fellow TB riders, listen to the announcer when he calls out the name of your horse as you enter the ring. You are on a thoroughbred, a retired racehorse, and their is no greater honor.

  6. Summer Thurber

    there…sorry about the spelling error, grrrrrrrrr.

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