Hyper-local Horse

There’s a great new world that’s been opened up by the Interwebs, and that’s the world of hyper-local news. It works everywhere, whether it’s rural or urban, as long as there is a person interested and invested enough in their community to maintain a tight connection to any sort of of social media that might mention their neighborhood.

Or, I suppose, talk to someone in person, which I hear still happens from time to time.

Upper West Side is about to go hyper-local, because her name attracted the attention of a reporter/blog editor who writes for a site entirely dedicated to Manhattan’s Upper West Side. I say “about to” because she hasn’t raced yet – but with the number of works that little miss Yukon has been posting in the past few days, the time is nigh.

Upper West Side (our li'l Yukon) and her timed breezes at Calder

The reporter must have had a bot that searched out the term “Upper West Side” in Twitter, because within a minute of posting something about Upper West Side’s appearance on the work tab at Calder, I got a message asking about a horse named for her famous neighborhood.

And yes, Yukon was named for the Upper West Side. Before we had a farm and a double-wide on a prairie/swamp in Central Florida, we had a very nice studio in a brownstone on the Upper West Side. W. 69th and Central Park West, if you must know. So it was fun to explain that to the reporter (who assumed that because she had changed ownership, she’d have a new owner), as well as that her pasture-mate, Royal, had been named for our new neighborhood, Sunset Park.*

So we’ll watch and see. My guess is, she’s going to run in the next week – her works are pretty close together. Ontherightwicket was the two-year-old champion filly in Maryland. Will her daughter put in a bid for the honors in Florida?

If she does, I bet she makes the hyper-local news.


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