The Sad Fall of a Racehorse (via Canadian Horse Defence Coalition’s Blog)

Let’s do what we have to do to ruin the careers of people who behave like this.



The Sad Fall of a Racehorse Deputy Broad owned and trained by Danny Bird last raced at Mountaineer July 11, 2011. Less than 48 hours after running what would be his last race where he placed last, Bird had arranged for this Florida bred 2005 son of Deputy Commander to be taken directly to Ohio kill buyer Fred Bauer. Bauer confirmed that the horse was sent to the Richelieu Meats slaughterhouse in a load on Monday July 18th. Richelieu confirmed the load arrived on Tuesday Jul … Read More

via Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog



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3 responses to “The Sad Fall of a Racehorse (via Canadian Horse Defence Coalition’s Blog)

  1. Well, sure he did. You are surprised? Some real quality asshats at the track, ya know. Danny Bird is a well-known name, even up here in the frozen north. And let’s not forget what can happen to them if they DON’T go to slaughter. They can end up in a cage, legally, forever, owned by a psycho who believes they know better about horse-care. Horses do NOT need exercise, nor food, nor water! Who knew:(
    Sorry, Natalie. I hate the track. This is the prime reason why. They are livestock or deadstock, and nobody but us gives a damn.

  2. You might as well hate all horse businesses, and I wouldn’t blame you for it, but in the meantime I’m going to take this particular person and make an example out of him.

  3. OH, please do. Sorry, girl. My PMS meter was shrieking. These heartless bastards definitely need called to the carpet. HOW is that good for the racing industry, this type of terrible story? I want the track to become something I want to watch again. I used to love it. Now it just twists my heart too bloody hard to be able to watch. Still.

    I be quiet, promise. Well, for NOW. It’s bedtime;)

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