The Head and Not The Heart – Now at iTunes &

Good news! The Head and Not The Heart,  as well as two short stories, Expendable and Horse-Famous, are now available through Barnes and as well as iTunes, Diesel, and the mobile app ScrollMotion.

It looks a little something like this, and it’s pretty exciting:

a search for "Natalie Keller Reinert" on

So if you haven’t checked it out yet, get on over there and see! We’ve already gotten some great reviews at Smashwords and equestrian blogs!

Review of The Head and Not The Heart: I truly enjoyed this novel – about a young woman struggling with her passion for horses while trying to figure out the rest of her life. Written by an author who clearly knows her stuff, I give it 2 Thumbs up! (And if you’re a horse person – 3 Thumbs up!) A very good read!

Review of Horse-Famous: The experience of reading this story is somewhat akin to the dread fascination of submerging into quicksand. Degree by relentless degree, the protagonist, Holly Blakely (nee Healy) reveals the course of her life during an English Equestrian Council inspection–a life from which, at last it becomes clear, she has found it impossible to escape.”

Review of Expendable: “Well-executed short. Natalie Reinert displays a rare knack for providing a ton of insider’s info with grit, yet at an effortless pace.”

There’s also a full review of all my published fiction at

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!








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2 responses to “The Head and Not The Heart – Now at iTunes &

  1. Congratulations, Natalie! I wish you lots of success.

  2. That is the wayest coolest thing ever. Applause from the north! Sorry. Slightly north, now:)

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