Our very good neighbor blog “Off Track Thoroughbreds” ran a wonderful piece on a versatile OTTB who was rehabbed from a severely bowed tendon. The racing blog Paulick Report picked it up, and I think it’s a nice opportunity to comment on the good-news OTTB blogs and their overall effect on the retirement scene.

If you think blogs like Off Track Thoroughbreds are doing our ponies a service, you might pop over there and leave a comment (no registration required) to let the Ray Paulick and the racing community know that we appreciate seeing retirement stories on the racing blogs!



by | August 18, 2011 · 11:25 am

2 responses to “Publicity for retired racehorses

  1. Hey Natalie – did you see this video a friend of mine on Facebook put up. It’s a horse she sold a few weeks ago. His racing name was Minit’s Heart Throb and now he’s showing as On The Rocks. This video is him in his first hunter show 3 weeks after his last race. He won his class at the show…

  2. Hey Natalie! Nice mention, and thank you. šŸ˜‰
    Meantime, I hope the storms in NYC have passed. We got them here in Boston too. For a moment it seemed like a hurricane.

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