Behold, the Mighty Thoroughbred

Here are a few seconds of Icarus jumping in and out of your screen. This OTTB, with rider Michael Pollard, completed Rolex Kentucky CCI**** in April of this year and is currently competing at Burghley CCI**** in Great Britain.

Icarus raced as I Just Want To Fly and won $540 as an Iowa-bred, never breaking his maiden in four races at Prairie Meadows. (Charts) And while I am a big fan of keeping Jockey Club names, I can’t blame them for changing this one. I Just Want To Fly isn’t a name a grown man should be competing with. It sounds like an episode of My Little Pony. Icarus isn’t amazingly inventive, but it gets the job done.

And check out CANTER exec Allie Conrad’s latest Chronicle blog post from Burghley, “White Pants, Big Withers, and Thoroughbreds Are All The Rage at Burghley,” where she makes me very happy by observing:

This year the presence of Thoroughbreds was impressive. Among the entries from North America, all but two were off track Thoroughbreds. COOL! Despite all the stories that Thoroughbreds are a thing of the past, they persist at the top levels of the sport.


So to everyone who got to the site by Googling “What happens to retired racehorses?” and “What to do with retired racehorse?” THIS is what they can do. THIS is what to do with them. Keep on galloping, Thoroughbreds!


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One response to “Behold, the Mighty Thoroughbred

  1. Great name, Icky for short.
    Bravo, brave thoroughbreds!

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