Three months ago we were gasping in horror at the stories emerging from True Prospect Farm, where Boyd Martin’s barn burnt down and only a handful of his horses were able to be saved. His lovely Australian Thoroughbred, Neville Bardos, was so badly injured that the New Holland vets didn’t know if he’d make it.

Now this morning’s news from Eventing Nation:

Now, just three months later, Boyd and Neville have galloped around the Burghley cross-country course with a faultless round.

I’m in awe. And perhaps a little teary-eyed. Thanks to Eventing Nation for this story.


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by | September 3, 2011 · 8:55 am

One response to “EVENTING NATION: Redemption

  1. Neville has ALWAYS been my favorite. I saw his XC round at Rolex a few years back and it was the most beautiful, easy, and flawless thing I’d ever seen. He was just perfect. And he still is, bless his lil’ redheaded heart.

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