Miles On Miles: The Head And Not The Heart-Novella Review

Miles On Miles: The Head And Not The Heart-Novella Review.

Tonight, we have another great review for The Head and Not The Heart, this one from the OTTB blog “Miles on Miles.”

Only a person with first-hand knowledge of racing behind the scenes could write race horses like Natalie does-all of them, from the yearlings to the 2 and 3 year olds in race training to the broodmares to the foals to the retired stallions. It’s beautiful and it’s tragic, because anyone who knows horses knows without a doubt that they will hurt you. They will absolutely Break. Your. Heart.

I’m tickled to death by this review. Thanks, Sarah (and Miles, whom I’m sure had his own opinion)!





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2 responses to “Miles On Miles: The Head And Not The Heart-Novella Review

  1. Miles sure did have an opinion! Unfortunately, after he got done admiring the picture I just received of him winning his last race in the US, he started blabbering on in Spanish about how they do things in Chile and I couldn’t understand a damn word. Ah, well.

    One thing I’ll say for Chilean racing, or at least HIS upbringing…with the exception of some very slight ear sensitivity, which could just be a quirk, it’s very obvious he ran because he loves to run and was not mistreated at all. He does not fear whips or crops at all. He just loves people so much. It makes me happy:)

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I have something to read this weekend! YipppEEEEE! Did I say thank you? I did!
    You rock!

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