Owning Racehorses: Racehorses, Responsibility and Heroines

Wow, this is incredible. Ted Grevelis of Tabby Lane Thoroughbreds went to a local auction with members of the Minnesota Retired Racehorse Project to help pull Thoroughbreds from the kill pen.

There were several rescues, including a former New Vocations horse who was a successful endurance mount! Later, they come across several racehorses:

…a pen was discovered with five Thoroughbreds and another outside.  All of the five still had their racing plates on.

This horses were purchased off the track by a known dealer who likes to say he has “a good riding home” for them, forks over a couple of hundred bucks and away they go to Mexico or Canada.   Donating your Thoroughbred to the Project or another program can get you a $5000 tax credit.  Selling to the dealer gets you $200 cash.  Is it really worth it?

This entire post is outstanding! Link below…

via Owning Racehorses: Racehorses, Responsibility and Heroines.


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One response to “Owning Racehorses: Racehorses, Responsibility and Heroines

  1. Thanks for linking to that post. The NV horse makes me so sad…he was a “success story” on their website. Ugh. The more light we shed on this the better though. And I DO believe it’s getting better. I have to.

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