Minnesota Retired Racehorse Project: The sad reality; An auction, a Paint, a feedlot, and some OTTB’s

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s link regarding the Minnesota auction yard, directly from Minnesota Retired Racehorse Project. This is an important read. Even when trainers try to do the right thing, someone is lurking right around the corner waiting to turn a quick profit on a horse’s life.

In this case, a trainer was duped into thinking that someone was purchasing his horse for a riding home, let the retirement farm know that the horse was taken care of, only for the retirement staff to find the horse had been shipped directly to the kill pen.

The “dealer”, along with a little cash, offers the promise of finding the horse a good home.  Sometimes it’s someone who is looking for a riding horse, sometimes it’s a polo operation, and sometimes it’s a hunter jumper home. Unfortunately his idea of a good home is dropping them off at the feedlot for quick cash…

One of the five horses was confirmed to have been given to him, again, with the promise of a polo home in another state. He even went so far as to ensure he got the Jockey Club papers (which were not given to the feedlot). He then loaded this horse on his trailer (along with the bay gelding and 3 others he’d collected) and hauled  30 minutes south to the feedlot where he cashed in an easy $200. By my estimate, this gentleman  probably scored close to $800-$900 at the feedlot , if not more. This is fraud, anyway you look at it. It’s one thing if he was honest as to where they were going, another if he deliberately misled them. Which appears to have been the case in multiple incidences.

Five racehorses, given freely and sold for slaughter. All of these horses’ trainers thought they had done the right thing by their horses. In the end, the President of the Minnesota Thoroughbred Association stepped up and supported MNRRP’s financial need to get the five kill pen Thoroughbreds out.

It’s a sad example of how just one person with a lack of humanity and morals can thwart a cast of well-meaning people and perpetuate the perception of the racetrack as a place where no one cares about a horse if it can’t bring home a check. It’s people like this who, ultimately, will bring the sport down, if the practice of sending retired racehorses to slaughter continues to horrify this horse-loving nation.

But what does a con man care? If he isn’t ruining lives at the racetrack, he’ll just find somewhere else to ruin them.

Please, be careful with your horses. And read the entire story – link below.

Minnesota Retired Racehorse Project: The sad reality; An auction, a Paint, a feedlot, and some OTTB’s.


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