Thoroughbreds On Sale at Suffolk!

Summer is over and gone (at least in the Northeast) and if you’re a Thoroughbred at Suffolk Downs in Boston, you’re getting ready for a change of scenery. The 2011 meet ends on November 5th, and while a lot of trainers head south to Florida for the winter season, they aren’t usually keen on taking all of their horses.

It’s a long, expensive trip, and Florida’s three-track winter racing circuit is tougher than Suffolk’s.

CANTER New England gets busy every fall at Suffolk, connecting with trainers to find out which horses they think are ready for new careers, and providing them with listings on the organization’s website.

Trainer-listed horses are not adoptions — purchasers are buying directly from the trainer — which means they’re not bound by an adoption contract. Sporthorse trainers looking for project horses, take note!

There are more than one hundred horses currently listed, in all ages, sizes, colors, and breedings.

I’ll feature a few in their own posts, but here’s a tantalizing preview of what they have to offer…

Cajun Quickstep, 16.3 4 yo gelding

Cajun Quickstep, 16.3 4 yo gelding

Like size on your horse? Got long legs? Cajun Quickstep is 16.3 hands high and has he ever got a gorgeous body! Excuse me while I drool over that croup for a while. Oh wait, I have to admire his shoulder… Now I’m picturing myself jogging him at Rolex for the horse inspection…

Okay, I’m back.

Cajun Quickstep is listed at $750.

Someone buy this horse before I do something stupid.


LINK: NE Trainer Listings – Page 1 of 3.





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4 responses to “Thoroughbreds On Sale at Suffolk!

  1. Barb

    Boy, I love his front end!! Really nice horse!

  2. Can you say jumpin’ harse? Oh, my. MY oh my. mmMM. Just a smitch of scope there, yes? A teensy long in the back, but oh, wouldn’t that be nice.. That price is a steal, if he’s sound. Gorgeous chestnut available at Woodbine through Second Start TB’s, I hear. Horrible name. Nasty Fire Bug. Who does that to a horse??
    That’s just nasty..
    Good luck to them all!

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  4. Ashely

    Cajun is an amazing horse. He was being ridden 2 days after removed from track, He was in the showring in 8 weeks. He was also placing in the ribbons, he is a great horse and doing very well. The young woman who purchased this horse is an exceptional individual with love of horses and great riding ability. Check her out

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