Today’s I Want Him, Give Him To Me CANTER Horse

Remember the Suffolk trainer listings? The end of the meet is growing near and there are still so many gorgeous horses available, directly from their trainers! These trainers are awesome, wonderful folks who are working with CANTER NE to find great sport and pleasure homes for their horses, and they deserve awards for stepping up and taking care of their horses.

Today’s horse that I WANT and I CAN’T HAVE because I live in a fourth-floor walk-up is NEW YORK BOB.

Daaaaaaaaaw New York Bob you're so cute.

LOOK HOW CUTE. According to his listing, New York Bob is 6 years old and 15.2. He’s a PONY. But look at that balance! Look at those rock-solid joints! Look at those clean legs! Look at those hooves! BRING ME BOB!

Bob’s trainer says he’s been at the track long enough and it’s time for a new gig. He has an old knee chip that he’s sound on, is a classy guy, and has a good disposition. She also suggests an experienced rider.

What would you do with Bob? Personality permitting, I’d probably do novice level eventing and some hunter/jumper shows. I love his size: 15.2 with a great big engine behind and a strong shoulder in front. I love his “meh” expression too. This is a horse who has been there, done that, and has had the T-shirt so long there are stains on it.

He’d also be super-easy to get ready for shows because he’s BROWN. No, I mean, he’s a gorgeous chestnut, but look, no white feet! No scrubbing, no Quiksilver, no purple hands, no corn starch at the last minute… he’s wash and wear, Bob is. And can you really put a price on that? Not at five thirty a.m. when you’re about to load up for an eight a.m. dressage time and your best friend is gazing in horror at her greenish-brown “gray,” you can’t. Showing is hard. Plain horses make it easier. (I’m going to trademark that for my plain-colored-horse listing service, so don’t even try stealing it.)

As usual, trainer listings are negotiated directly through the trainer. Vet checks are super-easy at the track; there are vets everywhere. Go to his listing for the phone number, talk to the trainer, and when you get him home, email me and let me know how my horse is doing.



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6 responses to “Today’s I Want Him, Give Him To Me CANTER Horse

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  2. Summer Thurber

    Love him. Plain brown wrapper but he has tons of goodies on the inside.

  3. Would love a ‘bob’

  4. I found your blog by way of CANTER NE’s facebook. We have similar taste in OTTB’s…this one could come snuggle with me no problem.

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  6. Oh My God I WANT O’Malley!! I love that horse! I’ve lived in the same barn as him and worked with him. He’s the absolute best! And georgous of course!

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