Unstable Life: Star in name and deed

Unstable Life: Star in name and deed.

I loved this little blog piece from Unstable Life, a blog I hadn’t read before with tons of beautiful photos and inside information on English racing life. If you are an American who loves jump racing and pines to see more about this all-too-rare sport in our country, this site is lovely to scroll through.

This post describes the almost unbelievable effort of an eleven-year-old racehorse against a horse less than half his age. And you have to love any horseman who can start a blog post like this:

I’m pretty pathetic when it comes to horses, well all animals really. But with racehorses, the fact that when they are at exercise and on the track, they are doing as we have asked them to somehow makes them that extra bit special, and they can reduce to me tears in a heartbeat.

You’re not pathetic, you’re a horseman!

Enjoy this great blog!



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2 responses to “Unstable Life: Star in name and deed

  1. I still can’t believe you’ve never heard Aldaniti’s story.. Look it up, talk about sob-worthy!

  2. franjurga

    That’s Emma’s blog! She’s terrific, and I recommend that anyone who is interested in second-career Thoroughbreds read her blog. Her writing is wonderful and she’s very knowledgable; I discovered her last summer when she wrote about Purple Moon (2nd in Melbourne Cup) winning a Racehorse-to-Showhorse class at a horse show in Newmarket.

    I wonder what she thought when Kauto Star made his comeback for the new season this weekend and won at Haydock, He’s an exceptional horse who should inspire us all!

    Thanks for noticing Emma, Natalie!

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