The Epic Epicness that is Kauto Star

Yesterday on Retired Racehorse I shared a blog post about Kauto Star, the eleven year old National Hunt horse who took back his Betfair Chase championship for a fourth time.

Then last night I found an insane photograph of Kauto Star in mid-flight and shared it on Twitter. I got about twenty new followers and I’m looking forward to learning a lot more about English racing from this little beaut!:

Kauto Star in the Gold Cup. I'm looking for the photo credit.

Okay, first, did you know that Thoroughbreds actually take flight? Why would anyone jump anything else? I ask you?! 

Secondly, I was up at one o’clock this morning watching this amazing video of Kauto Star’s Betfair Chase. Watch how comfortably he gallops and takes these fences.  It is simply a beautiful thing. I’m not clever enough to figure out the embed, so follow this link to Sporting Life.,27770,469561_3,00.html

Note: the original version that went out to subscribers said this was his Gold Cup win. It wasn’t. I’m just figuring out all these different races! 


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7 responses to “The Epic Epicness that is Kauto Star

  1. That photo has obviously been altered- you can’t see his wings anymore! 😉

  2. Wow! He does fly! And you’re right…I’ve jumped QHs, warmbloods, mutts and TBs and I’ll take a TB any day of the week, they simply soar.

  3. Aw, the video made me tear up. TBs all the way.

  4. lmel

    Go Kauto Star–he’s magnificent. As Jennie said, “TB’s all the way”!

  5. Wow Kauto Star. His epicness has already been established. He looked glorious in that pic.

  6. Wow, I just discovered your blog and it is fantastic! But this picture is incredible — I’m hoping my CANTER OTTB will be flying like this someday!

  7. Kauto ❤
    Natalie, the thing that is so fantastic about this horse is that over 7 years he has raced at the highest level, and was never placed out of the top 3 in a completed race (he had fallen and/or lost his jockey a few times). The thing that was so special about this race was that Kauto had been beaten twice -in the King George VI chase (which he'd already won 4 years in a row, and proceeded to win again a month after this Betfair chase) and the Cheltenham Gold Cup (which he won in 2007 and 2009)- by Long Run, who was a 6 year old at the time that Kauto was 11. Everyone thought that Kauto was getting old and tired and Long Run would surpass him, but after a summer break old Kauto came back and beat Long Run, as you see here! It was amazing because people were beginning to doubt the old lad. When he won the King George on Boxing Day, i was in floods of tears and thought he should be retired there and then, as no other horse has won it so many times (the great grey Desert Orchid won it 4 times), but he went on to Cheltenham, where after just a few fenced Ruby Walsh the jockey decided enough was enough and pulled him up. It was the most amazing thing because only once in my life have I heard a crowd of thousands cheering and applauding a horse for pulling up! He trotted back past the stands and everyone clapped for him, not caring about the actual race which was won by Synchronised, who tragically died in the Grand National 5 weeks later. Look here, and see the worlds most adored horse retiring with his ears pricked. He just knows that he is a Star ❤

    my favourite of his races was the King George of 2006, which Kauto won by a record distance of 36lengths, in the easiest possible fashion.

    sorry that that was such an essay, I am just very, VERY passionate about this big beautiful horse, lol.

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