Off-Track>> OTTB Finders Key lights up War Horse

Susan Salk of has a very exciting interview up today: the owner/trainer of OTTB movie star Finders Key!

Finders Key lights up the screen in War Horse, or so am I told by people who are braver than I am and actually went to see a horse film in the movie theatre (I’m assuming they took their own boxes of kleenex?), much better than he lit up a tote board when he was running in claimers at Los Alamitos.

I probably won’t find out for a while, because just seeing the poster in the subway station makes me tear up a little. I have problems. I know. But his eye is so noble. I’d flood the movie theatre with all my tears. It just won’t work.


But I’m really excited to see this cute little bay work his magic. I can’t resist a Thoroughbred, after all. Friesians are fancy and Arabs are… well they are Arabs… but put a Thoroughbred on the screen and I’ll be captivated.

In the meantime, I have my Seabiscuit DVD to keep me content… oh, and it turns out, Finders Key played Seabiscuit too!

Is there nothing this horse cannot do? Paging Eclipse Awards, I believe we have a late entrant for Horse of the Year!

Now, all of you: go over to Susan’s site and check out this interview with a very gifted trainer!

LINK: OTTB Finders Key lights up War Horse.



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2 responses to “Off-Track>> OTTB Finders Key lights up War Horse

  1. There is nothing he can’t do, I’m sure of it. He’s starring in some CSI: Miami shows, too, I hear.

    And I’m with you on the kleenex thing.. but… I really need to see it.

    Thoroughbreds were made for Hollywood. Camera? Hello, here I am!!! Are you getting my good side?