Afternoon smiles

Here is a picture to brighten up your Monday (even if it is after five on the east coast)! Sent to me from Bernadette at Thoroughbred Placement and Rescue, here is OTTB Maggie’s Charm with one of her best friends:

Thoroughbred, OTTB, with child


Bernadette’s note read:

 Attached you will find a picture of Maggie’s Charm (aka Maggie) who was adopted last July from Laurel Park.  Apparently, Maggie has developed a special bond with their two year old, Peyton, (pictured feeding her carrots through the fence).  To quote mom, “They have a very special bond for such an odd couple!”

Personally, I think that this puts the final nail in the coffin of the “crazy” Thoroughbred, but then again that’s just me.


It’s not just you. Believe me.

I’m reminded of my son, Calvin, holding the lead-rope of a racehorse on the back-side of the track while the horse got his post-work-out bath. The horse was dead quiet, and Calvin knew to drop the lead and step back into the office door if any horses did pull anything, so we did take precautions.

But nonetheless, that horse was so quiet I could have ground-tied him for a bath. And I went faster on that horse than any other I’ve ever ridden.

Lesson: Athletic ability does not equal crazy.

Sensibility and speed are not mutually exclusive.

Not all racehorses are meant to be racehorses. (Check out Maggie’s race record.)

Some are just meant to be friends.

Now go hug a Thoroughbred.



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2 responses to “Afternoon smiles

  1. Yeah, baby. I hugged mine a lot tonight. He loved the hugs. And the smooches. 🙂

  2. Awww! We had some toddlers visiting the yard recently (Mum was looking to have her horse on livery there). They immediately marched up to my just-now-four year old and wrapped their arms around her head. As SOON as she realized they were not face-eating aliens but, in fact, hugging machines, she sighed and just rested her head at the perfect height for small children.
    Gotta love TBs.

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