Young love from an OTTB fan

Are you ready for something cheering and lovely on a Monday? Jennifer, who is the mom of a very fabulous OTTB named Taylor, sent me this adorable letter from a teen OTTB fan, Nolen. Nolen doesn’t have her own retired racehorse yet, but that hasn’t stopped her from falling head over heels for a certain Thoroughbred named Winston. (Always a great name for a horse, I might add.) Check out this note, and fall hard for sweet girls who love horses:

You GUYS. She gave her Christmas presents to RETIRED RACEHORSES.

But that’s not all Nolen sent to Racehorse Reclaim. She also included this photo montage of the OTTB in her life, Winston:

There you have it. Another recruit, another life-time fan of the wonderful world of OTTBs. Will Nolen be in some future Retired Racehorse Trainer Challenge smack-down? I don’t see why not. She already knows that Thoroughbreds make the best sporthorses in the world. That’s the hardest part done, isn’t it?

Thanks Nolen, and thanks Winston, and thanks Jennifer for sending this! Jennifer volunteers with Racehorse Reclaim, which is located in Arkansas and primarily serves the horses and horsemen of Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas.



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5 responses to “Young love from an OTTB fan

  1. This is the sweetest thing ever…way to go! 🙂

  2. Awww!! How awesome is that?! Thanks for telling us about it and Thanks Nolen!

  3. I hear you Nolan. I have an OTTB also and I love him too. He is about to turn 7 in March. It only took me 58 years to find and know the beauty of an OTTB. Blessed you are Nolan to have years to go and miles before you sleep to embrace this special breed. Smart Girl!

  4. Jennifer

    Thanks Natalie for including this in your blog! Nolen is a very special girl and hopefully more will pop up! 🙂

  5. Sarah

    That is wonderful! Obviously Nolen and Winston are both pretty special!