PA Horse Expo videos: Retired Racehorse Challenge!

Stop what you’re doing, because there is literally nothing your boss could want from you that is more important than watching Retired Racehorse Trainer Challenge videos. You know, I know it, probably your boss knows it. It’s a wonder we didn’t ALL ditch work for the Pennsylvania Horse World Expo and the finale of the challenge, but, then again, the place was already bursting at the seams… a sell-out crowd for the OTTBs.

The team at Retired Racehorse Training Project is still working on getting the official videos up, but in the meantime, fans have been stepping in and sharing their videos! This great set was just shared. There is a full play-list at YouTube, but here is a taste: Kerry Blackmer and Four X The Trouble:

Just go here to view the other twelve videos! Enjoy!

Oh, and how about this little tidbit from the Retired Racehorse Training Project website:

The Retired Racehorse Training Project will soon announce details about a second Trainer Challenge that will be open to both amateurs and professionals and take place over a three month period, as well as a public event in Kentucky on the afternoon and evening after cross country at the Rolex Kentucky CCI****.

Who wants to spot me a stall and a horse?



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3 responses to “PA Horse Expo videos: Retired Racehorse Challenge!

  1. Portia

    I am so excited about the huge response of this challenge maybe the horse world will finally wake up and go back to riding the best sport horse breed in the world. TB’s rule!!

  2. Ok – come to Kentucky and you can work my horse for the next challenge. 🙂

  3. You know I’d totally spot you a horse and stall, right?

    So glad there will be another round! Woo hoo!

    And now I’m going to distract myself with the videos. Yes!