Annoying the slaughter industry

I have to share these very interesting lines from this afternoon’s article at the Daily Racing Form. They’re too good to keep to oneself. Here is kill-buyer Bruce Rotz on Thoroughbreds:

“We tried to stay away from them. They’re just aggravation.”

And here is a line from an email written by an employee of an Canadian slaughterhouse operator, Viande Richelieu, and sent to a Canadian farm owner:

“For us, thoroughbred[s] are definitely banned from our premises.”

The email and the kill-buyer’s quote were precipitated by an investigation by Ohio racing authorities into the whereabouts of two Thoroughbreds, Canuki and Cactus Cafe.

The two racehorses simply disappeared from Beulah Park in May, despite having had foster homes secured for them, when their trainer hauled them off the backside. The Internet rallied, as the Internet does, and an investigation goaded the trainer into returning the horses alive, albeit in poor condition, albeit with the trainer refusing to tell the stewards just where the horses had been.

It’s a case that illustrates the difficulties with the no-slaughter policies at racetracks: yes, the horses can’t be sent to auction and sold to kill-buyers… but then again, they can go to Jimmy Jo Bob’s Horse Farm on Wednesday and Jimmy Jo Bob can sell them on to the killers himself on Friday. The trainer wasn’t involved, the owner wasn’t involved, Jimmy Jo Bob isn’t affiliated with the racing industry so they can’t exactly pull his license or levy a fine, so… that’s that.

And that’s where the Internet comes in, because anti-slaughter advocates, by sheer dint of being tireless in their efforts to find horses like Canuki and Cactus Cafe, have achieved a decent win by simply annoying the hell out of kill-buyers and slaughterhouses. That’s extraordinary. “They’re just aggravation,” he says. And: “I had a lot of hassle with it.”

These particular folks are so fed up with anti-slaughter advocates that they flung up their hands and said no more Thoroughbreds. 

I’d like to see other horses just as fortunate, for sure. I’d like to see other advocates for other breeds stepping up to save the culled herds of Quarter Horses, Arabians, and other prime offenders in the ship-the-rejects-to-slaughter business. But let’s take a minute and be really, really proud of how annoying we, the Thoroughbred people, are.

Well done! 




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10 responses to “Annoying the slaughter industry

  1. Congratulations!
    Step by step it will become so annoying to slaughter horses at all that they will give up!

  2. YES! I’ve never been so proud to belong to a group of super annoying people:)

  3. Mr Kitster

    Well that’s great news.. I hope they don’t let any more TB’s into slaughter. It is a shame some of the other breed people don’t fight as well. I am going to keep being annoying! Love my OTTB’s!

  4. My wish is that it might be so for all the horses someday… But for today, I am indeed proud to be one of those annoying Thoroughbred people who is fighting for their lives, one horse at a time. Great post, Natalie!

  5. Jennifer Selken

    Awesome! Annoying Thoroughbred people rock! Let’s keep it up! Thanks for the post – I love it!

  6. Debra B.

    Keep up the good work everyone! Horses everywhere salute you.

  7. Arlene Orlando

    This is a awesome victory , I am proud to be Annoying on this one !!!!! I am from Ohio……………………….

  8. Darn tootin’! Count me among the annoying, and proud of it! 🙂

    Really, this is so good to hear. I didn’t realize that the efforts of the no-ship-to-slaughter crowd have had enough impact to cause some of the people/businesses in the slaughter industry want nothing to do with TBs. Pretty freaking awesome.

    Now, if we could just get the word out to the masses that people basically ranch QHs for meat… thanks in part to the frantic “breed and register more, GO, GO, GO” message of the AQHA… I’d feel even better. Heck, even the model horse industry is buying into it: I was disgusted to see a model for sale in a catalog with the words “a portion of the sale price will go to the AQHA” next to it. WHAT??? Like they need more money, or are some kind of charitable outfit? You have GOT to be kidding!

    Seriously, though, I’m thrilled to hear this. Hurray for TB rescuers!

  9. Brenda Lee

    30 horse died in a fire on Monday night. Horses owned by Bruce Rotz, and the truck driven by Clarence Phelps… I copied the post, because I couldn’t have said it better myself… **** Ricky Rogers · Follow · Certified Marine Surveyor at Rogers Marine Surveyors, LLC
    Most Kill buyer’s equipment is usually defective and will not pass safety inspection – they are always dodging inspection stations most of the time because they do NOT have the proper paper work to transport horses to slaughter- Also, something sounds fishy here regarding faulty fuel tank, as diesel fuel tanks even when defective do NOT initiate fire, it takes an ignition source, maybe an overheated tire in close proximity to the tank – in any case, diesel does not ignite very quickly and burns slow compared to gasoline – this would have been plenty of time for the horses to be unloaded, and judging by the aerial view of the location there were plenty of space to offload without endangerment to others. Either the driver is a total idiot or he just didn’t give a damn about the horses well being or both since he loaded horses onto defective or unsafe equipment. In either case I say prosecute him for public endangerment and animal cruelty!