Get toasty for OTTBs, plus horsey books for summer sizzlers

Horse calendar

We all know you have one just like this. Bob Langrish says thanks for the summer home.

If you’re in California, you should go ahead and X out next Thursday on the MAJESTY OF HORSES calendar that we all know you have. Because on June 28th, all-around wonderful people and OTTB enthusiasts/utilizers SQUARE PEG will be putting on what sounds like the most fun fundraiser ever. (Sorry horse show organizers! Still love your work! Keep it up!)

From the press release (which I get because I am now The Media):

“It’s Italia, Half Moon Bay’s go to spot for fine Italian fare, shows its love for Square Peg by hosting the second “Square Peg Celebrity Bartender event” from 5pm until closing, on Thursday June 28. Celebrate the spirit of Aloha with island-themed menu items and some island-inspired drinks, which will be made at the bar by no other than Square Peg’s executive director, Joell Dunlap. There will also be a raffle with fabulous prizes for the winner to take home.

Square Peg Foundation is a non-profit horse rescue and adaptive riding center in Half Moon Bay.
The foundation depends on funds raised through promotions such as this one at It’s Italia in
order to provide the most beneficial environment for the students and horses.

What: Celebrity Bartender at It’s Italia (fundraiser)
When: Thursday, June 28th. 5pm – Closing
Where: It’s Italia 401 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
Dress: Hawaiian
A portion of the proceeds and ALL the tips at the bar go directly to Square Peg programs!”

I’m not sure where Half Moon Bay is, but come on, California can’t be THAT BIG. There’s like, Disneyland and Santa Anita and then the redwood forests. I’m sure this is right in the middle. Everyone get on your best Tommy Bahama shirt and report back after you sober up. No—scratch that—before you sober up. 

today's weather

Live Weather Center 9000 says it's hot.

Meanwhile, back on the east coast, it is one million degrees with a heat index of 110. If you are out riding, you are a crazy person. Luckily, I have an alternative occupation for you on this fine Midsummer’s Day. I slaved over an armload of library books so that I could write the 2012 Summer Reading List for equestrian tastemaker Dappled Grey, and I have nine wonderful books that you simply must pick up. Oh, and my own book, The Head and Not The Heart, is on there as well. There will be a test.



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4 responses to “Get toasty for OTTBs, plus horsey books for summer sizzlers

  1. Joell and her crew are awesome-really, really neat people I had the pleasure of meeting at the WSHE a couple weeks ago.

    I’ll have to miss this event, unfortunately, but may have to borrow the idea! (Katie actually thought of something similar and I discouraged her. Silly me.)

  2. I’d be much more likely to attend something like this than your average gala/silent auction/etc. Someone up here (ReRun?) had a wine tasting and I was gung-ho but it was a leetle bit out of my price range!

  3. Lori yeilding

    Half moon bay is 30’minutes southwest of San Francisco