Thoroughbred horse shows take over the calendar

It’s all going beyond high-point awards for Thoroughbreds. Thoroughbred-only horse shows are starting to take over weekend dates all over the country, and this is a breed show that Retired Racehorse can get behind.

The latest on new shows:

Thoroughbred Renaissance Charity Horse Show will be taking place in at Stockade Polo & Saddle Club in Glenville, New York, on August 12, 2012, and benefiting ReRun New York, who take in, rehab, and adopt out retiring racehorses. The show flyer promises in-hand, dressage, combined training, hunter/jumper, equitation, trail, and fun classes. Everything, in short, except for maybe team sorting.

(Item: Maybe one of our west coast pals could organize a Western Thoroughbred horse show? I think Western saddles are exceedingly uncomfortable but I am willing to admit that this is a personal opinion and Some People think them lovely. Now’s your opportunity to get in on the Thoroughbred Team Penning Revolution! My first OTTB could move cattle, incidentally. I know it can be done.)

Find Thoroughbred Renaissance on Facebook for the latest updates and prize list information. And don’t forget, there are sponsorship opportunities, all you horsey entrepreneurs! Get your product out there!

From Furlongs to Fences has a place-holder up at, advertising a Thoroughbred horse show on October 27-28th at Fair Hill in Rising Sun, Maryland. On the schedule of events so far, two very tantalizing listings: “So you want to be a jockey” and “Open Instruction” with Steuart Pittman, on Saturday the 27th, with show classes the following day. With retired racehorse advocate Alex Brown on the planning team, I think we can expect to hear a lot more about this show! In the meantime, give them a like on Facebook to keep up with the latest developments, and make sure you have that weekend off from work!

Last weekend’s Totally Thoroughbred Horse Show at Pimlico Racecourse was, by all accounts, a massive success, with hundreds of Thoroughbreds descending upon Old Hilltop to show that they can do a lot more than run really fast in a circle, and that yes, they are completely capable of turning right.

Maryland Jockey Club have made me very proud to be a native Maryland-bred with their sponsorship of this event, which made its way across horse racing media in a way that horse showing typically does not. Awareness not just of the capability of retired racehorses but also their desirability and the devotion of their fans and riders is hugely important to impress upon the less-educated members of the horse racing industry who don’t seem to realize that their horses are not throw-aways, but valuable commodities. Much thanks also to Adena Springs, who also just plain get it with their comprehensive retirement strategies from farm to racetrack. I interviewed Stacie Clark-Rogers, who helped put together the event, about Adena Springs’ retirement program here at this blog two years ago.

Totally Thoroughbred also drew the likes of Rodney Jenkins, show jumping legend turned racehorse trainer, as a judge. Here he is interviewed by the Baltimore Sun about the horse show and Thoroughbreds in general:

“Thoroughbreds are much quicker, much faster and more sensitive than the warm bloods, the mix breeds, bred in Europe for show jumping. It does take a lot of patience to redo them, but you’d be surprised, once they’re away from the track they get very quiet and nice and make great horses for most people.”

Even small children, as this video of the lead-line class proves:

And so the Thoroughbred trend continues! What else is going on out there in horse show land?



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7 responses to “Thoroughbred horse shows take over the calendar

  1. Stephanie

    NETSA is having a thoroughbred show on October 7th at Saddle Rowe Farm in Medway, Massachusetts!

  2. Kristin

    I didn’t know you are a Maryland-bred, too! I knew I liked you for a reason…

    But just for the record, we here in the West (at least some of us here in Colorado) ride our OTTBs English, and would LOVE a TB show! If we can find a way to network I would love to volunteer to help organize. This is an awesome trend and it makes me so happy!

    Thanks for your continuing coverage of all things TB, and your thoughtful commentary. I always find your insights intriguing and your writing superb. Keep up the good work!

  3. Amanda Frye

    We are actually in the beginning stages of planning an All Thoroughbred horse show here in north texas! AND we are planning on both english and western classes! honestly i would LOVE To add Sorting to the show! Some of the best ranch horses i have rode have been tbs!!! Any HELP or advice would be greatly appreciated!

  4. tyler jasper

    I would really like for there to be all thoroughbred horse shows in and close around texas.

  5. loisburmeister

    on oct27th there will bean all tbshow at bucks county horse park in revere pa

    we are working on one to be run in may 2013

  6. sam

    some people have shown nothing but tb’s. That is all I had to ride as a kid.
    I even rode one on the olympic team for my country. I have nine show/sale horses in my barn at the moment and they are all off the track. The biggest problem is they are too intelligent for most people and they cannot be bullied. Your jumper programm at Buck’s county needs some tweeking. People with young green horses do not want to do RUB classes all day. Please go to my web site & look at my tb’s

  7. We’ve listened to our competitors, and changed our prize list for 2013. Round 2 TB Horse Show will have 2 TB shows this year. One on June 1, 2013, and one on September 21, 2013. Both will be at the Bucks County Horse Park. Prize list changes have been made, and most jumper classes are are Table II, 2a or b.The prize list will be posted at soon. Please check us out!

    PS – We’re always open for any suggestions that will help our show help both you and your horses be more successful! Constructive critism is always welcome!