Thoroughbred Renaissance is bringing new fun to OTTB shows

Vince, OTTB, in dressage

Invincible Vince and Barbara Breeze Fulbright show how OTTBs roll at dressage. Get in on the Thoroughbred-only dressage classes at Thoroughbred Renaissance! Photo: From Barbara Freeze Fulbright

The prize list and entry form for the Thoroughbred Renaissance Horse Show in Glenville, NY, is now up with a link from their Facebook page. This is an August show, and advance entries close on August 6th, so the time to get your entries in is now! You won’t want to miss this show: it has a bunch of very innovative classes, it benefits ReRun of New York, AND it’s open to Thoroughbreds only!

A couple of classes you won’t see at just any horse show:

  • Seasoned Campaigner. Part of the Showmanship division (which promises to overlook “racing adornments such as pin firing scars, splints, bows etc.”) which is “open to all Thoroughbreds with 30 or more starts OR >100K in earnings OR 15 years of age or older.”
  • Family Class. Also part of Showmanship, this is for people like me who get hooked on one sire or dam and collect their babies. Horses should share a sire or a dam, but they don’t have to share both.
  • Mare and Progeny. A Showmanship class for mares and at least one of their offspring, to demonstrate suitability of the mare to produce sport or trail/pleasure foals. If you want to prove to people that you’re totally justified in breeding your nice mare, get her a ribbon here!
  • Lead Ponies and Thoroughbred Costume Class. For the unsung heroes of racing, this open class isn’t restricted by breed, but the horse has to show proof of his “day job,” like being a lead pony.
  • Thoroughbred Renaissance Talent. 2 to 4 minutes to display your Thoroughbred’s talent. A talent show! For your Thoroughbred! Advance registration AND a brief description of the display are required.
The prize list is here, via Scribd. You’ll also find listings for combined tests, dressage tests, hunter, equitation, trail, and gymkhana classes. And there will be prizes! Prizes, I say! Now go get an entry in and start working on your Thoroughbred’s talent. The end-of-summer talent show will be here before you know it!


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2 responses to “Thoroughbred Renaissance is bringing new fun to OTTB shows

  1. Fiona Farrell

    Thank you so much for your lovely write up on the show. I really hope people take the plunge and let their Thoroughbreds wow us in unusual or usual ways in the talent class. The minx in me is also eager to see gung ho competitors duke it out in the sit a buck class, especially those with shark finned TBs, the easy keeper TBs will have a definite advantage in that class. The proud parent in me is looking forward to TB rider demonstrating how responsive their horses are and how tactful speedy aids can be in the command class. The former breeder that I am is especially looking forward to the line classes. Seeing the diversity in good TB conformation and family traits should be a real treat. Photographers will be at a premium no doubt.

  2. Holly Pearce

    Fiona, please post lots of pictures. You have a few fans in MD who wish they could be there with their own OTTB’s!
    Every TB will be a shining star!