The Suffolk Showcase 2012 — Your new racehorse is waiting.

This is a reblog from last year, but the main message remains the same. The Suffolk Showcase is upon us, and it is time to get your new retired racehorse — racetrack direct! 

I’m so excited to have a Guest Blogger today: Jennifer Montfort from CANTER New England. She’s going to tell us why the Suffolk Showcase is the coolest thing since, well, Thoroughbreds.

So, by now you’ve read Natalie’s I NEED TO HAVE THEM posts highlighting some of the horses we have for sale through our trainer listings. And you’re of course wondering how you can get your hands on one, or what “Suffolk Showcase” is all about, right?

Don't tell me you don't want to meet Martins Flyin in person.

We at CANTER NE have been working especially hard the past few weeks as we approach the end of the Suffolk Downs meet on November 5. It’s an extremely busy time for us; as trainers make their plans for the winter they need to find new homes for horses that aren’t making it at the track anymore. Each weekend brings more horses for sale, but it also brings news of horses who have found new homes.

As Natalie has shown, there’s a ton of really great prospects available for sale, and the highlight of the end of the season for us is our Suffolk Showcase. This event aims to break down any barriers people may have that are preventing them from coming to the track to purchase a horse. And it also aims to give the trainers at the track one big chance to present their horses for sale.

 If you’re in New England, and at all interested in OTTBs, you should attend. Really. Here’s why:

 Over 80 horses, all in one place. It’s like the Keeneland sales. Well, sort of. We DO provide you with a catalog with information on each horse including basic information, a brief description, and trainer contact info. We also bring each horse out individually to a showing area where they will be presented and jogged. We DON’T have hip numbers, an auctioneer, or bidding wars. So you don’t have to worry about itching your nose and ending up spending $100K on a horse, we promise.

CANTER volunteers are there to help you. See a horse you like? Not sure what the next steps are? Ask a volunteer! We’ll be there and available to answer any questions you have to help demystify the process. We’re also happy to go see a horse or two (or 20!) with you. We’re like personal shoppers for Thoroughbreds. Who doesn’t love a personal shopper?

Meet the horses you’ve been admiring online. All those pictures of horses you’ve drooled over on our trainer listings page? Those pictures don’t do them justice. Really. We certainly try our best to get great photos, but they will never compare to seeing that horse right in front of you. You’ll see them move, you’ll see their personality, you’ll see how they handle a group full of people staring at them. And you’ll get to hear great stories from the people who work with them every day.

There is a horse for everyone.  No, really. There is a horse for everyone. Pasture pals, trail horses, family pleasure mounts, polo ponies, hunters, dressage mounts, and eventers. Bay, chestnut, grey, black. Flashy and plain, big and small. It’s like the jumbo mega Crayola box of horses.

Just showing up supports Thoroughbred retirement. Even if you don’t purchase a horse (why wouldn’t you!?) it’s a great day to enjoy with a bunch of people who all believe that these horses deserve great lives once it is time for them to hang up their racing shoes. And it helps us show trainers that there IS a market for their horses, which in turn helps more horses find homes. You’re paying it forward. Awesome.

All good reasons, right? So bring your trailer and come on out and see what Showcase is all about, this Sunday, October 14, from 8:30 am – noon on the Suffolk Downs backstretch.

If you have questions you can contact us at 617-207-1238 or at And join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@canterne) for all the newest updates. And if you can’t come, please share our posts, blogs, etc. with all your horsey friends. There are open stalls everywhere!

There you have it. And as Jennifer says, please share and share and share! I’m going to sweeten the pot…

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2 responses to “The Suffolk Showcase 2012 — Your new racehorse is waiting.

  1. Jen

    Thanks for the re-run, Natalie! We are so looking forward to having everyone out for Showcase.

    A few updates since the last running:

    Listings can be viewed here:

    The end of the Suffolk meet is October 31 this year–so the need to find horses new homes at Showcase is even greater!

    Martin’s Flyin is now a successful eventer, so while he’s not available you can see the potential is there for another lucky horse you get to take home. 🙂

    Please let us know if you have any questions, either here or at the contact information above.

    And SHARE. You totally want to read The Head and Not the Heart.

  2. Jane Barrett

    I have an OTTB. A beautiful, well bred 9 year old who was over raced and under trained too young and by 3 he was pretty broken down. It took about 9 months of rest and light work to let him heal but because I was patient I now have the most awesome horse ever. He is a great trail horse, bold and shows all the quarter horses how to go past the spooky stuff or through the bad bogs or down rocky hills. He could be a wonderful eventer, dressage horse or jumper. In fact he loves to jump so much and has such talent I think he secretly wishes I still competed!! He could do anything. Also he is sweet enough that kids of 12 ride him. I just wish I could take another…..for me i wouldn’t consider anything other than an OTTB.