Timber Ridge Riders Keep Raising the Bar

I originally set out to read and review the latest Timber Ridge Riders book, Chasing Dreams, the way I always do: seek out the underlying theme, fall in love with a few cute lines of dialogue, tell you guys that you really need to read them, etc.

But this book is just so good.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I really just don’t read Young Adult or Middle Grade or Kiddie Books or whatever you want to call any genre that doesn’t have an swear words in it. (Not because of the swear words!  Now why would you assume that!)

Chasing Dreams by Maggie Dana

Chasing Dreams by Maggie Dana

There could be many reasons for this. One might be that I am in no way, even slightly, in any shape or form, nostalgic for childhood or my teen years or anything like that. Being a kid is the pits. I am so, so sorry for all of you kids out there. Don’t worry, you WILL grow up! It will happen!

Now, I did a lot of very cool things when I was a child/teen, don’t get me wrong. I have done the things horse-girls are supposed to do, like go bareback in my bathing suit down to the crick and watch, screaming with laughter, as a friend’s horse decides to roll in the water and said friend has to go diving for safety in the water and then snatch at my own reins in panic as my horse begins to consider a similar move. It wasn’t terrible. I just prefer being an adult, and reading about other adults.

That’s why the Timber Ridge books always surprise me. It’s their wit, it’s their cleverness, it’s the sheer awful genius of Angela. She outdoes herself in this book, let me tell you. Angela may be a horrible horsewoman and a terrible human being, but she is smart as a whip. She is a worthy opponent to Kate, who is beginning to grow weary of always being the Good Girl who Just Takes It.

And Kate is starting to get sick of always being trampled all over by Angela, and Angela’s friends, and Life In General. Kate has put up with a lot. Kate has to deal with a father who is more interested in his butterfly career than raising his daughter, until Oh wait! He wants to raise his daughter now. He wants to be best best friends with his daughter now. Gee, thanks, Dad. Now that I have an actual life, you want to make a buddy movie, Kate is thinking. Now that I have goals and friends and an actual possessions that don’t fit into a single suitcase, you want to show me how much you care. Nice timing.

So Kate’s dad is causing trouble, and Angela is causing trouble, and Holly’s boyfriend won’t stop texting her so Holly is causing trouble, and everything is trouble, and poor Kate, and…

That’s it!

Timber Ridge Riders is exactly what being a teenager is like, and that’s why I like it. There’s no nostalgia in these pages for me, just… man I get you Kate. I hated high school too.

And that, friends, is how you blog your way to an epiphany. Did you see what just happened there?

So, go and read Chasing Dreams, the fifth Timber Ridge Riders book, because as you can see it has altered my consciousness and also because it’s so, so good. Maggie Dana’s characters just have the quickest, lightest, funniest dialogue. I read these books so fast, chortling all the way. They’re brilliant.

And let me tell you, I’m not the only one. One of Dana’s fans has actually started a fan community just for Timber Ridge Riders. She’s looking for friends to come over and chat about the characters and horses in general, so go over and get into the conversation with her! I should be so lucky as to have a fan of my books start a fan community. Can you imagine? AlexandAlexander.net, probably. That would be awesome. Someone do that.

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  1. Well, this is a review to bring tears to an author’s eyes! Thank you, Natalie, for your insight and kind words. They mean a lot to me.