Lazy Sunday Update: Kentucky Derby Weekend Edition

What’s new? So there was this horse race yesterday, a horse won it, he got some roses, no big deal…

I KNOW, I KNOW. Everyone wants to know about BADMINTON.

Oh, and the Kentucky Derby.

Well, as I type this, the cross-country for Badminton just ended. I have no idea what happened because I was writing something else. I don’t know what Thoroughbreds are there but I have to tell you, if you’re a good enough horse to get around Badminton, you’re a good enough horse. You’re a good enough Pegasus crossed with a dinosaur to get around Badminton. Those are big, fabulous, horrifying, wonderful fences out there. Witness this alarming box someone planted a hedge on and then made horses jump over for fun:

Two Thyme and Ruth Edge Badminton 2011

Suck it in! Two Thyme at Badminton 2011.
Flickr: Nick Kidd

You know you’d jump it. If you knew your horse would jump it.

But in other news, Kentucky Derby, where 19 racehorses run the line between future sire and future OTTB. Orb won the race, so he’ll be moving on to the stallion barn the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico on May 18th. Orb made a decisive closing run in an incredibly filthy track, giving Hall of Fame trainer Shug McGaughey his first Kentucky Derby win. I was rooting for Shug when I was five years old and my hero, Easy Goer was making a bid for the Derby, so hey, Shug, we both won this year!

We celebrated here with mint juleps in our new fancy crystal set. Of course we used Maker’s Mark bourbon because they sponsor retired racehorses with the Maker’s Mark Secretariat CenterNow we have lots of left-over simple syrup that I am resisting, with great difficulty and heroism, the urge to pour into my French Roast and turn my calorie free caffeine party into a more delectable and decadent treat. What did you celebrate with? Or are you saving all your party for Cinco de Mayo?

In other, other news, I’ve started writing horse-centric pieces at I thought this would be an interesting way to write about Thoroughbreds for a new audience. Examiner pieces show up in different Google results than Retired Racehorse’s does. Technology SEO blah blah blah. I’ll link to the pieces at Retired Racehorse Blog’s Facebook page and also here in a weekly update of what’s been going on around the Internets and OTTBs and all of that. Click on the box to the right of this to “like” the Facebook page and keep updated on lots of Thoroughbred news from other bloggers and websites. And if you go to Examiner and click “subscribe” next to my name, important people will think I’m popular and it will move my articles up in the queue, thus more exposure for OTTBs!

Current articles are:

Racehorse Retirement Focus on Kentucky Derby Weekend, which is about the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance and their first accredited adoption and aftercare facilities.

Kentucky Derby Winners, Bios, and Fiction Dominate Horse Racing Reads, which follows the interesting little trend at Amazon in which most of the horse racing books sold are either fiction or bio pieces… nothing to do with gambling! I like it.

And that leads me into my book update, which is that for the rest of today, Sunday May 5, my short story collection Horse-Famous is free at Amazon, and my first novel, The Head and Not The Heart, is now 99 cents at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Find them via my Amazon author page and my Barnes & Noble author page!

That’s my news on a lazy Sunday. I hope your weekend has ponies in it!


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