Open Letter to Those with Available Homes for the NYC Carriage Horses

It’s a tragedy to me that people are so willing to jump on bandwagons, at the peril of causes and lives that truly need help. While NYC carriage horses are privately owned and cared for by a staff of grooms, as well as their owners and drivers, there are people who have offered to “adopt” them, as if they were somehow horses in need. Meanwhile, horses like these two Belgians, who have no jobs and are genuinely in danger of being put down, go without offers of adoption.

You ever hear of the shelter initiatives, when animal shelters beg people to adopt animals who AREN’T in danger of being put down, but are just languishing in a shelter, with no family or future, for months or even years on end? That’s the kind of situation draft horses in the Northeast are facing right now. The work horses have work, complete with mandated working hours, conditions, living requirements, and vacations. Other horses, without the protection of the government, live in squalor and poverty, overworked or never trained at all… and somehow that’s considered more humane.

If you have a horse who works for a living, you have to support the rights of owners and working horses. If you don’t like the way they live, you can work to change the way they live… but you can’t simply agitate for an outright ban. It’s a slippery slope, and one day you’ll be seeking to defend yourself for “forcing” your horse to jump fences, run barrels, or simply to live in a box-stall instead of running free in the green fields like some sort of calendar photo.
In the meantime, let’s hope one of the nice people who are so happy to “adopt” carriage horses who have already have names, jobs, owners, and people who love them, will step up for these poor Belgians who truly need help.

Blue Star Equiculture Blog

An Open Letter to Those with Available Homes for the NYC Carriage Horses

SPECIFICALLY: Mayor Bill DeBlasio, Allie Feldman, Steve Nislick, NYCLASS, Elizabeth Forel, PeTA, Donny Moss, P!nk, Alec Baldwin, Lia Michelle, Jillian Michaels, Win Animal Rights (WAR) and any others claiming to have available homes for the Famous NYC Carriage Horses!

Please HELP!

My name is Pamela Rickenbach and I am the Director of Blue Star Equiculture, and I am requesting your help. Before I explain what I need help with, let me give you some background on our work.At Blue Star Equiculture, we provide a retirement home for urban working horses and help educate our community on their behalf. We aim to help enlighten and inspire our communities to reconnect a vital part of their shared history with horses and to participate in caring for our country’s horses in need. We have developed several programs that are helping shape creative, loving and…

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