So You Want to Write a Horse Book, Part 1

Have you been putting off writing your horse book? Are you in the middle of a manuscript? Or do you have a finished draft and you’re not sure what to do with it next?

Join me at, my author site, where I’m beginning a multi-part series on writing equestrian fiction. Even if you’re writing a memoir or non-fiction work, we’ll probably discuss something of interest to you! Come join the conversation, at So You Want To Write a Horse Book.

Natalie Keller Reinert

I’ve been writing horse books for the past six years, and every year I get emails from readers asking for advice on getting started in the genre. Now, to be fair, it’s a pretty new genre. What we’ve started calling Equestrian Fiction didn’t used to exist, and if you ask a big book retailer, it still doesn’t exist. That’s why Equestrian Fiction dominates non-fiction categories like Horse Care, and Equestrian Sportson Amazon. We have the most popular books for equestrians, but no real category.

That’s a gripe for another time.

Equestrian Fiction is growing by the month, with 2016 seeing a true explosion in titles. Established writers are continuing their series, and new writers are showing up with fantastic reads. Do you want to join in the fun?

Gray horse Thowra_uk Let’s talk about horse books.

I’m going to write a blog series on Writing Horse Books — the good, the…

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One response to “So You Want to Write a Horse Book, Part 1

  1. I’ve been associate with thoroughbred racing my entire life; my father was a jockey as was his brother. Both had successful careers, my father won the Longacres Mile in 1944 the same year his brother won the Bay Meadows Hcp. I attended 12 primary schools, and was housed in numerous facilities including 12 houses, myriad motels, trailer parks or “dropped off” with somber relatives.
    After graduation from high school I learned to gallop horses at Old English Rancho in Ontario, California for $6.00 a day, no board nor room! Dues! I left racing in 2007 after a 34 year career as the head clocker/Timer/ Pricemaker, etc.
    I will turn 71 in October, having left racing nearly 10 years ago. In that time I’ve come to the decision that I was not meant to be on the racetrack at all, but I am pleased at what I accomplished, and my dedication during my career to the safety and care of the animal. Having this outlook I found it difficult at times to observe many normally accepted procedures.
    I worked from 5:30 am until the last horse crossed the wire after the races. Saw to much, it takes but one egregious malady to negate compassion! I saved many horses including; Indulto, Timber Cruiser, Knightlander, Madera Moon, etc etc. All prior to the contemporary retirement facilities. Hitch hiking with Timber Cruiser, literally,to his new home, where he still survives as we speak!
    I was fortunate to be the clocker identifier at the gap at Santa Anita in the 70’s as Laz Barrera prepared Affirmed for the triple crown, John Henry was sent to McAnally, Steve Cauthen went through his losing streak, Ack Ack, Spectacular Bid, Dahlia, Cougar II, Shoemaker, Whittingham, it was golden!
    I’d be interested in your opinion of my life long observations, and consternation .
    For the Ardell C’s (Mr Crone), Hanalei Bays(Bob Miller), Agitates (James Jimenez),Crimson Saint (Rod Kaufman),Go West Young Man(Mary Lou Tuck), Maheras (Pete Cristofi),Ancient Title (Keith Stucki), etc, the one horse outfits, and memories of their plights and successes!

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