Adoption & Rescue Resources

The following agencies are here to help with facilitating Thoroughbred retirement, whether you’re retiring a horse or looking for your new partner!

Listings are divided by state, but please keep in mind that racehorses are surprisingly portable, and that foster horses and networked horses can be located anywhere in the country, so be sure to look around!


New York


Canada – British Columbia


12 responses to “Adoption & Rescue Resources

  1. Robin Coblyn

    Sorry for the addition but also MidAtlantic Horse Rescue wo of course has Solidify in teh RRTP Trainer Challenge.

  2. Holly Kruse

    Oklahoma Thoroughbred Retirement Program:

  3. Can you please add us to the list of rescue and adoptions? Remember Me Rescue, in Texas retrains and places around 30 OTTB’s a year as well as participates in thoroughbred interventions/seizures when needed. Most recently in the Many, LA 60 horse seizure. We have 12 of the staving TB’s at RMR. We have had many champions through our doors,such as TX HOTY Lights On Broadway who we have submitted to the unbridleds series. He was rescued off from a truck headed to slaughter and has been retrained to ride without a bridle. He is now working part-time at Resolution Ranch with troubled teens. Check out our site and see for your self.

  4. Lola

    You should add “After The Races” out of Nottingham PA. Amazing group doing great things. They are a 501(3)c and affiliated with the Turning For Home Program though PATHA. I got my OTTB though them and they are a truly great group!

  5. Debbie Curtis

    Natalie, I love your blog. I have been watching some of the Retired Racehorse Trainer Challenge. It is special to my heart since I rescued an OTTB from starving in a field just 5 short months ago, and am going through the re-training process with her. However, it was an unexpected rescue, and since then finances have become an issue. I don’t want to sell her, I want to keep working with her! Do you know of a way… Now, I don’t want charity for me… but do you know of any grants available for owners like me who would love to provide a great home and retraining, but are financially pinched to do so?? I would love to have the resources to take lessons in Dressage and Jumping with a trainer and bring out her tallents that almost were allowed to fade in that field. I know there are people out there who would love to sponsor a rescue horse. Do you have any ideas how to put owners like me together with sponsors? Thanks for your consideration.

  6. Thanks so much for all you do to create both awareness and second chances for OTTB’s! We’re located in Phoenix, AZ. In addition to our website people can also interact with us on our Facebook page .

  7. How do we join.. we have so many wonderful ex-racehorses that are doing amazing things after their career has ended.

  8. I just adopted a OTTB and I’m training him for english and western eventing. He is one of many great TBs at this ranch. The owner is Barb Hutchinson and she has about 70 retired OTTB. There are plenty of sound horses out there just like mine. It is located in Farmington, MO about 70 miles south of St. Louis. I highly recommend this ranch for beginners or experienced riders. all the horses come with a 30 day promise to return the money if you aren’t happy with the horse. Prices are great and range from 500 to 1500. A few are worth more. All the money goes directly to the ranch as a donation. The donation is also tax deductable because it is a non-profit organization. They are paying for all these horses out of pocket and they are always looking for donations and volunteers.

  9. hi we have several race horses here at the rescue that we have taken in and we have started their retraining career would love to list our rescue here