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"The Head and Not The Heart" - a horse-racing novella

Reviews for The Head and Not The Heart

Great debut short novel about a young woman trying to find her place in life. Her passion has always been horses, but it that all there is? With lots of realistic details about training young racehorses from an author who knows her stuff, this story will especially appeal to horse lovers. Ms. Reinert has a great feel for language and words, and I look forward to reading more of her work!

Linda Benson (via GoodReads), YA author of The Horse Jar (  

Natalie Keller Reinert explores the idea that so many horse-people find themselves wondering at some point or another, “Can I live without horses?” Through The Head and Not the Heart and Horse-Famous, readers glimpse characters in different stages of asking and answering what their lives would be like without equine company. Reinert does not sugar-coat horse ownership in either story, but instead exposes her readers to both the small, intimate details of horse husbandry, like bedding depth, as well as the exhaustion that comes from keeping a strict routine for the horse’s sake.


One need not personally know what a hayfork feels like in their grip, or the way one’s leg feels when set correctly for the trot, to appreciate these stories. Reinert conveys enough about those feelings, and like a good science fiction writer, for the horse world to a normal person is a foreign land, she introduces readers to the particulars as the story calls for more information. Though, if you do have these experiences to draw from the stories seem more rewarding.


In The Head and Not the Heart, we meet a young woman experiencing a quarter life crisis that revolves around the all-important question, “Can I live without horses?” She discovers her answer while visiting Brooklyn, NY with the help of two very different equines and one stuffed animal head.

Emily Greene, via

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